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Adam Brody’s GF Says He Never Slammed Kristen Stewart! Do You Believe It Or Is She Just Saving His Butt?

Tue, July 20, 2010 8:45pm EDT by Russ Weakland 12 Comments

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Lorene Scafaria claims that her man has “never said a bad word about his co-stars.” So why did he say K-Stew should quit complaining and enjoy her career?

You’re FURIOUS that Adam Brody would dare to diss his In the Land of Women co-star Kristen Stewart, and your rage must have seriously scared the former O.C. star – he’s making his girlfriend defend him!

“I’ve been around the guy enough to know he’s never said a bad word about his co-stars, especially the ladies… not even to make a certain gf feel better about making out with such a beautiful girl when she was 14,” Adam’s lady love of a year, Lorene Scafaria, tells writer Diablo Cody. She added, “She’s rad. He’s a sweetheart. The end.”

It’s nice to see that the 30-year old actor has his girlfriend to support him, but after he said, “It’s like quit… you don’t need to be an actor, so if it’s that much of a problem… there’s the door” about K-Stew, 20, well, we bet he needs a SWAT team for protection!

Russ Weakland

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