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'True Blood' Recap: Tara's New Fiance, Jason's New Powers & Eric Pays Bill A Visit!

Mon, July 19, 2010 1:09pm EDT by 1 Comment


Things are finally starting to come together this season just as everything continues to fall apart for Tara!

Last night on True Blood we got to see Sookie’s latest trick, a possible new vampire bride, and the continued emergence of Jessica as the Season 3 MVP. That and more in our bite size recap.

  1. Having spent last week’s episode bound and gagged in her bathroom Tara (Rutina Wesley) got a change of scenery — she was tied up to a bed at Russell’s (Denis O’Hare) plantation! Least she got in a road trip!
  2. Things Tara was also getting this week, marriage proposals! Franklin (James Frain), her captor/lover wants her as his vampire bride. He even offered to take her to Shoney’s for her last meal!
  3. Franklin on why he loves Tara: “She’s such a f**king disaster, we could be twins.” Awwwww!
  4. Bill (Stephen Moyer), no matter what his reasoning, is a complete creep. At this point I am hoping he meets an unkind demise this season. Ignoring Tara’s pleas and clearly snooping on Snookie’s (Anna Paquin) family? She would be much better off with…
  5. …Eric (Alexander Skarsgård)! Who proved himself to be amazing at getting out of a tight jam. He admitted to selling V for the Queen (Evan Rachel Wood) and, judging by Talbot’s (Theo Alexander) expression, I can imagine he may be getting close to the King’s husband sometime soon as payback for that whole made werewolves kill his parents thing.
  6. Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) seems to have a new boyfriend in Jesus (Kevin Alejandro)! It also looks like he won’t be selling V anymore which, while bad financially we’re sure, is likely a better life choice. I hope he gets to keep his car.
  7. Then there is Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) who has gone from shy and quiet to running things. Unhappy with bossy and spiteful new coworker Arlene (Carrie Preston), Jess decides to screw with her tips — by glimmering patrons into not leaving the red headed waitress any money. Don’t mess with Jess.
  8. Jason (Ryan Kwaten), um, hearing things? Methinks Sookie is not the only Stackhouse with some special powers.
  9. Speaking of, Sookie did that awesome purple power hand thing to a werewolf, just like she did last season with Marianne (Michelle Forbes). She should have used that crap on Bill at the end of the episode.

What did you think of last night’s episode HollywoodLifers?

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