Nice Try, Lindsay Lohan — But Experts Say Not Even A Sober House Is Going To Keep You Out Of Jail!

Mon, July 19, 2010 3:11pm EST by 2 Comments

Although it might help her detox before heading to the slammer, experts tell that Lindsay’s stay at her lawyer’s sober house won’t lessen her jail time

We applaud you that you’re trying to clean up your act, Lindsay Lohan, but sorry – it’s too little, too late! While drying out at Pickford Lofts, your lawyer’s sober house, might be a good move for your body, two experts say there’s no way this desperate stunt will change Judge Marsha Revel’s mind about your 90-days of jail and 90-days of rehab sentence!

“Lindsay’s lawyer, Robert Shapiro, is doing everything he can to help his client out of a jam,” Los Angeles-based criminal defense attorney Steve Cron tells “He’s going to say to the judge, ‘Look, Lindsay is doing well. She’s following the rules. Give her a chance for her to earn her freedom.’ I think the odds of him being successful are extremely slim. I think the judge has realized Lindsay is not into getting help and that the only way to get her attention is to put her in jail.”

Lindsay, 24, conveniently checked into the LA-based “safe haven” on July 14, only six days before her jail time begins, not nearly enough time to effectively detox her body.

“The problem is, it’s not a long enough period for her to get off of all her medication,” Los Angeles-based addiction expert Marty Brenner says, explaining, “To detox off all the medications she’s taking, it takes at least a couple of weeks. She’ll still be going through her detox in jail.”

Will the court allow Lindsay to slowly wean off her prescription drugs (which include the pain killer Dilaudid and Adderall) or will they make her cut them out cold turkey?

“They should allow gradually decrease her intake. That’s the humane way of doing it,” Brenner explains. “But they might not. It’ll be tough.”

Lindsay checks into court tomorrow morning at 8:30 a.m. After removing her SCRAM bracelet, she’ll be escorted to Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif. where she’ll stay until the sheriff lets her out due to over-crowding in the county jails.

–Kirstin Benson

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Angela Lamar

Posted at 11:10 PM on July 19, 2010  

Lindsay is a very public drunkard and a drug addict. She is addicted to at least eight(8)substances at present.
Very young women are far more apt to become addicts today, compared to 25-30 years ago because AMERICAN CULTURE directs her that way. Availability and popularity of alcohol and drugs have increased as they have been integrated into pop culture and sports through legalized advertising as a result of land mark Supreme Court rulings. ( That is just the legal ones, darling.) She is a bi-product of our culture and a testimony to its vulnerability to disintegration.
When she gets well (if she does) she should explore a non-public life, where there is tremendous beauty and quality from which her lifestyle deprives her. Fame enforces severe mental illness in too many people. There is nothing beautiful or desirable about Lindsay. She is a malicious, self-centered, judgmental, presumptuous, hateful, monster of a young woman. Until she looses every one of those traits and stops living “a second hand life” of being the ultimate tool of the mob she will never get well.
If she lost both of her legs or half of her face in a bomb attack she would be forced to find ways to accept her inner self; to see beauty in everyday life; to find beauty in others as opposed to herself; and fulfillment through the simple silence of peace as opposed to violence; of knowing her roof remains in the absence of hunger or violent attack; she could heal to cope.
For now, she is an infantile monster who can only love herself and it comes as a sad relief that she will be locked up and the roads will be a little safer for a few days.

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Boo Hearne Carroll

Posted at 8:28 PM on July 19, 2010  

Depending on which gossip site you read (and there are many to choose from!) Shapiro has told her from Day 1 that she is going to do time. It is the only way he would take her on as a client. The reason the other attorneys she interviewed did not take her case is they could not guarantee her she would not do time. There are many scenarios regarding why she went to Mr. Shapiro’s rehab. I think the main reason everyone got her in there was to keep her from harming herself. Here she is under 24 hour watch. I have a friend who has the same non-control Lindsay does. She has Aspberger’s Syndrome. I think Lindsay has a form of high functioning autism. Like my friend, she becomes instantly addicted to everything. She does not know the word moderation. It is all or nothing. Jail time is not going to remedy this situation. Prescribing all the drugs she is on only makes it worse. She needs to be taken out to New Mexico somewhere or Sedona where she can be weaned off all her medications. She needs to be away from every person she is currently involved with for at least four months. No emails, no telephone calls, nothing. If she is not handled correctly she is not going to be alive in a year. It’s that serious.

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