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Hey BFFs – Stacy Kiebler Showed Me How Girls Get Drinks So Fast At A Bar – and Her Tricks Work!

Thu, July 15, 2010 8:45pm EDT by 1 Comment

Long lines at a club without a drink in your hand are NEVER fun times. Good thing I met Stacy – she taught me all the tricks of a girl’s trade!

So there I was July 14, chilling at THE post-ESPY’s party at Hollywood nightclub Drai’s, drinkless. It was a bummer, let me tell you. After 15 minutes propping up the bar with green in my hand, imagine my surprise to find myself shoulder to shoulder with Stacy Kiebler – and just as shocked that she was speaking to me!

The 30-year-old Dancing with the Stars alum had the same idea I did, to get the line as quickly as possible, but she was MUCH better at getting what she wanted. “You have to put your money out and the bartenders will look at you” she explained. My retort? “I actually have to be a pretty female and THEN they will then start serving me drinks!”

She dismissed this and started gyrating next to me (SO HOT!) – only briefly distracted by the presence of football player Terrell Owens – to shout, “Show me how you show a bartender your money!”

Hey, what did I have to lose? I immediately stuck my $10 (which had wilted with how long I’d had it in the air) up high and mimicked her dance moves. No shame! Literally, within moments I had not only ordered my drink, but hers as well.

So gangster! And I only had to look like a fool for a minute to get the job done! I think we deserved ESPY awards for our performances – and that Stacy should be a coach!

I hope you’ve learned a great life lesson today, BFFs. Dancing with the stars will get you all you wish for in life – and more (especially if you’re wishing for alcohol)!

Russ Weakland

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