Bonnie Says: Mel Gibson's A Batterer! Why Isn't Anyone Else Upset About That?

Thu, July 15, 2010 6:01pm EST by 39 Comments,,

It’s shocking to me that the world is OBSESSED with Mel’s career!

Is Mel Gibson toast in Hollywood, now that his outrageous rants against his former lover have been outed?

Why is his career  the world’s #1 concern? Why is there no massive outrage against the vicious verbal abuse that Mel inflicted upon the mother of his 8-month-old daughter, Lucia?

He threatened to “bury her in the rose garden,” hit her with a baseball bat on the side of the head, “burn the f***king house down,” he called her a “whore,” “prostitute” and “c**t” repeatedly, told her she was an “idiot,” “worthless,” that she “deserved” to have had her teeth knocked out,” that she looked “like a f**cking pig in heat.” He even screamed at her that “if you get raped by a pack of n*****s, it will be your fault!”

The viciousness of the verbal abuse is beyond disgusting and should offend ANY person — male or female ,who is NOT a misogynist themselves.

So then why is there utter silence from women’s groups, the Anti-Defamation League, even the White House? Hey, President Obama had a few words to say about Tiger Woods, why not about a national celebrity who’s insulted African Americans, Latinos, Jews and WOMEN?

Why has Mel not been called out for domestic abuse? Chris Brown was. Is it because Oksana made the mistake of NOT going to the police after Mel knocked out her two front teeth? Instead she went to her dentist and begged him not to report her injury to the authorities, EVEN though it was his medical duty to do so.

Now before you condemn Oksana for NOT going to the police immediately, remember that Rihanna didn’t want to press charges against Chris Brown either. It’s a typical reaction from a woman who’s been abused — their lover makes them feel so worthless that they actually believe the abuse is their fault!

Now Oksana is being scrutinized and criticized because she taped Mel’s calls and clearly had professional help in doing so.

But honestly, whatever her motives — self-protection or a settlement — it doesn’t lessen the fact that Mel is panting that she’s a “psycho c**t,” and that she needs a “f***king brain transplant!” etc., etc.

He’s a batterer! And domestic abuse experts agree! “Threatening to hurt her, kill her, demanding sex that he’s ‘entitled’ to, making derogatory remarks about her body, saying she doesn’t have any friends in order to isolate her — these are all typical of the kinds of things that abusers say, and Mel says them,” points out Susan Cayouette, co-director of Emerge, a counseling program for abusers, in Cambridge, Mass.

“It’s classic of abusers to call the woman a whore or prostitute, because it’s part of trying to bring the woman down. It’s attacking their self-esteem,” points out Nathalie Favre-Lilly, co-executive director of Casa Myrna Vasquez, a program in Boston for battered young women, to which Mel actually made a $25,000 donation in September 2008.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, star of the syndicated legal show of the same name, is unmincing in her words (see clip below): “This guy is a batterer — he is a psychological, emotional and financial abuser,” and she believes Oksana made the recordings because she’s “trying to get evidence of crime!” Well thank you Jeanine for saying it like it is!

Now, where are the other voices willing to say it in plain old English — Mel Gibson may be a movie star but so what — HE’S A BATTERER! And he deserves to be shunned and punished with the full force of the law!

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Robert A.

Posted at 6:47 PM on November 29, 2010  

If Mel were an American, African-American, Muslim-American NOT ONE WORD WOULD BE SAID. All you women who are against Mel, where were you when all the attacks on Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin? You Nags from the NOW gang have lost all credibility. You have set the woman’s movement back 50 years.

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Posted at 1:43 AM on November 27, 2010  

I respectfully disagree with you on this. The DV groups do not back or support Oksana for one reason. The DV she claims did not happen. The story she tells has changed more times than I can count. They do not want to sully their good names by backing a liar.

As a survivor of DV myself, I know that her actions were not fueled by fear but by greed and strategic planning. Just listen to her voice, do you hear any part where she sounds afraid?

Yes, Mel did freak out, but, we only have the tapes that have been edited and do not hear what drove him to that point of frustration.

I cannot wait for the extortion investigation of this woman to end. She is and has been the best at providing evidence of her guilt.

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Posted at 1:30 PM on November 19, 2010  

Just watched your video. I think shelters are not saying anything, because he has donated a ton of money over the years to the shelters. Maybe they don’t want to lose that cash. But he also donated that money after stories leaked that he was screwing around on his wife and that he abused the women he was screwing around with. Hmmmm…. See how that works? So he donates tons of money to the domestic violence shelters and says, “Hey, look at how much I care about battered women. How could I be a batterer? ” Whatever! Maybe more like a sociopath! Plus, I think people are afraid to go up against a guy with so much money. He could afford to get a team of lawyers to sue them and make them pay for defamation of character. Who knows. I do agree they should speak up. Isn’t that what they are in business to do, protect women and speak out against this kind of behaviour? Just sayin……

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Posted at 1:15 PM on November 19, 2010  

I so agree! OMG! Finally someone who is sane & not turning a blind eye to a man who has been abusing women for years! Does anyone remember all the stories over the years of his past abuses. Even back 20 some odd years. He was on Heidi Fleiss’s list & a known physical abuser of the girls. Totally out of control. Textbook addict, abuser. Go to any domestic abuse sight and all the warning lists. Mel hits every checklist as an abuser. And that is just from the tapes we heard. Who knows what he has done to her and a slew of other women over the years behind closed doors. I don’t wish him ill. I wish him help! He needs 2 do what is right, admit his faults. Leave Oksana alone and pay the bill for your wrongs kid!

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