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Michelle Obama's Super Buff Arms — They're Bigger & More Toned Now Than Ever Before!

Tue, July 13, 2010 4:08pm EDT by 3 Comments
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Michelle’s arms are looking even more toned in recent photos, so we spoke with trainers to find out what she’s doing and how YOU can get her arms!

Michelle Obama has become a fitness inspiration to women around the world with her amazing arms, and they are looking even buffer these days! We decided to talk to trainers and see just how Michelle was able to go from toned to toned-er and get her arms looking even more remarkable!

The First Lady has stated she works out 3 times a week with a trainer for 90-minutes, usually getting up at 5:30 in the morning to accommodate her busy schedule. Here is what the trainers we spoke with believe she is doing!

Celebrity fitness trainer and author of Mom Energy Kathy Kaehler says that Michelle, like most people, likely buffed up for the warmer weather! “She has an added incentive during the summer like most people so she starts working out harder for the beach and vacations.”

Kathy says it is likely difficult for Michelle to keep a constant routine with all the travel she does but adds that weight training should only be done three times a week anyway. She says women can get definition, though likely not as much as Michelle, through exercises with moderate hand weights or even doing dips and chin-ups, which utilize body weight.

Chris Maiurro, a trainer at Priority Fitness in Brooklyn, says many of his clients have been asking how to get arms like Michelle. He says that women were formerly more afraid of weightlifting but the benefit of having a buff First Lady is that, “women seem to be less afraid now of putting on some functional muscle.”

He believes her arm workout targets three major groups: biceps (standard curls, concentration curls, hammer curls, and chin ups/pull ups), deltoids (side raises, over head presses, and upright rows), and triceps (triceps pushdown, kickbacks, over head triceps extension, nose breakers, and triceps bench dips). With all those exercises, it’s no wonder she has such amazing tone!

Dr. John Spencer Ellis, who has created workouts for everyone from Cirque du Soleil to the U.S. Secret Service, says Michelle’s arms definitely look bigger and he guesses she is in fact doing rather basic exercises. “Because she’s so busy, I would guess she sticks with basic movements like dumbbell and cable curls,” he says.

So it seems everyone agrees Michelle has gotten even more toned and muscular and, from the sound of it, you can achieve similar results with some simple and basic exercises!

-Chris Spargo


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