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Listen Up, Angie Really IS Mom of the Year! I Kid You Not!

Mon, July 12, 2010 7:56pm EDT by 17 Comments


Yes, she’s got an army of nannies and a bank account of $100 million, but that’s not what makes Angie a mommy role model.

After reading and watching all her latest interviews, I think the infamous mom of six has a down-to-earth take on the joys and crazy challenges of her big brood, that doesn’t cost one penny to copy. Here’s 5 parent Do’s I’ve gleaned from watching Brad Pitt‘s other half .

  • Embrace The Chaos Of Your Kids: Angie does. She actually admits in an interview with ABC News that mornings in the Jolie-Pitt household are mayhem! Sound familiar? It sure does to me — I’ve got four kids and it was a relief to hear that the Brangelina duo have no help first thing in the am and things DO NOT go smoothly! “We got shoes going on and somebody brushing their teeth and somebody put that down and stop screaming and no, you have to wear that jacket, I can’t find the pink one, please, just go out the door,” she laughs.

Now what would stress most mortal women — six young kids out of control — gets made manageable, not by Angie trying to pull off motherhood perfection, but by laughing at the nuttiness of the situation — “we are still able to do it (Angelina describes herself and Brad as” bartenders” and “waiters “as they try to feed their kids in the morning ), because we manage to have a great laugh. We do it together and we find fun in it, she says.”

That my friends is good advice — coping with the demands of kids is such a challenge — it’s better to simply go with the crazy flow than to try to corral your household into orderly perfection.

  • Angelina swears that she and Brad have made their kids, not their careers, their #1 priority: Yes, It’s easy for her to say that work doesn’t come first when she can command $12 million for a film, and can pick and chose when she works and what movie she works on, but it’s clear that this pair — unlike many other celebrity parents — really has made a firm commitment in their actions, not just in words, to make their kids #1.

The most important thing is our children, they’re our greatest responsibility,” the 35 year-old recently told “It’s our jobs… And when we pass away, that’s what we will have done with our lives.”

The star of Salt insists that she and Brad do not work at the same time — they can’t, because their movies so often take them to foreign film sets. She just finished shooting the thriller/drama The Tourist in Venice, while Brad played nanny daddy. “I keep telling Brad he owes me,” Angie recently told Vanity Fair magazine. He’s had a few months off in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with the children.

Now, realistically, that’s NOT something us regular moms and dads can do, but — in Brad and Angelina world, it is do-able and the fact that they take their children EVERYWHERE and trade-off working, makes their commitment clear.

Okay, this sounds obvious, but when was the last time you,# 1 made it clear to your hubby that you were deeply and madly in love with him for life, and, #2 made sure that your kids saw you being all lovey dovey together and that you actually told them that mommy and daddy would be together forever.

Kids love security! They love knowing that the two people they love most in the world, love each other and will be there together to hug and snuggle and protect them forever.

“He’s of course, the love of my life,” Angie sighed to ABC News about Brad.  Yeah, we’d feel the same way too!

  • Angie is completely into “Family Sleep!”: “That means everybody crawls into our bed.  And  we actually have a giant bed,” Angelina revealed to Vanity Fair. “Everybody files in and it breaks all the rules… we’re thinking of building a room just for family sleep.”

Shrinks be dammed, we’re one of the only cultures on earth that believes babies should be “ferberized” — ie cruelly allowed to scream until they fall asleep, so they’ll sleep alone in their own cribs!  I’m with Angie — kid kid cuddles all night long can only lead to more secure kids.

  • Angelina admits that parenting is “exhausting,” but still worth it: And she manages to do it with a smile. Now any member of the parent club quickly finds out that being a parent is punishing, and NOT just when the kids are babies.

But, we mostly don’t go along happily with the relentless exhaustion — and instead, we tend to freak out about it. I say-  isn’t it better to adopt the Angelina attitude — “In the morning, we’re so tired… and we always look at each other and wonder, like, are we ever going to get sleep?, “she admits.”Still, she and Brad have come to the conclusion that “it doesn’t matter if you don’t get sleep. It’s an honor to take care of ” her children,  she believes.

You’ve got to hand it to her! I think we spend so much time worrying that we’re taking years off our lives due to sleep deprivation, when it’s actually the “I’m -not- getting -enough- sleep” itself worry, that’s slicing the years off . I  agree that sleep is highly overrated and if  not getting 8 hours a night was enough to shorten your lifespan, I’d be long gone by now!

Angelina has other parenting pluses — she’s not ready to add another child to the family, unless she and Brad feel they have enough time to raise each child they already have, really well, and she doesn’t try to force daughter Shiloh out of the boys clothes she loves, and into girly outfits. But there’s no way she’s perfect.

Still, I think you can high five her on these five parent points. Decide for yourself- watch her on ABC ‘s Nightline! Clip below.

— Bonnie Fuller

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