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Take Away Dina Lohan’s Mother of the Year Award!

Sat, July 10, 2010 2:32pm EDT by 4 Comments

It’s hard to believe, but Lindsay’s mom was actually given a prize for being a good parent back in 2008. We think that trophy should be confiscated!

Just when we thought there was nothing that the Lohan family could do to shock us, we learned today from that Lindsay’s mom, Dina Lohan, is worried about her meal ticket when Lindsay goes to jail later this month, and has come up with a plan to push her 16-year-old daughter, Ali, into Lindsay’s place.

According to the report, Dina has been working the phones since Lindsay’s sentencing on Tuesday to set up paid interviews with her and Ali.

“Lindsay was the family breadwinner and now that role will shift while she’s away,” an insider tells “Dina will sell their story and Ali is the next in line to take over for Lindsay.”

Ali has been living with Lindsay for months, as part of momager Dina’s plan for her younger daughter to score an acting gig (and keep the family coffers filled).

It’s hard not to feel sorry for both Lindsay and Ali, whose only purpose in life seems to be to provide a comfortable living for their peroxided, permatanned parent.

In an interview set to air on Entertainment Tonight this evening, a tearful Dina defends Lindsay, saying that Tuesday’s verdict (in which Lindsay was sentenced to 90 days’ jail and 90 days in rehab) was a miscarriage of justice. “We didn’t get a shot at fairness,” she says, adding that she knows for a fact that her daughter is “clean and sober today.”

Despite the fact that Dina was not present in court this week to support her daughter (which we find unfathomable for someone who claims to be a loving mother), she feels the need to point out to ET that she’s “sitting here, as a mother, just worried about my child.” With all the time she’s spent burning up phone lines to set up interviews, just where is Dina finding a spare minute to worry about — and comfort — her child?

It’s hard to believe that this shining example of parenthood was given a Mother of the Year award in 2008 by the Mingling Moms Organization, a charity based in Lindsay’s native Long Island, N.Y.

The president of the organization, Erica Logiudice, said at the time that Dina was being recognized for her “behind the scenes” contributions to her daughter’s “tremendous” career, adding, “It’s not always the mom’s fault when the child goes awry.”

We beg to differ. Dina Lohan reminds us a lot of Amy Poehler’s mom character in Mean Girls. She clearly wants to be Lindsay’s friend rather than her parent. And we know how well that works out. Dina has often been seen partying by her daughter’s side in clubs and bars. In fact, back in May, on the night before Lindsay was due to give a deposition related to a reckless driving charge, Dina partied with Lindsay at the Chateau Marmont until 2 a.m. Is this good parenting, worthy of a Mother of the Year award? Not so much.

And she’s repeating the pattern with teenager Ali. In April last year, this award-winning mother took Lindsay and Ali (then 15) to Villa nightclub, and when the bouncer recognized them and denied Ali entry, Dina responded, “Do you know who I am?”

Yes, Dina, we know just who you are. And frankly, it scares us.

— Kathy Campbell