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Another Mel Gibson Shocker! New Report Claims He Threatened To Bury Oksana Grigorieva In Rose Garden!

Fri, July 9, 2010 9:45am EDT by 1 Comment
Getty Images

Getty Images

It’s been a week of frightening Mel revelations — and this latest one is the worst!

It’s no wonder Mel Gibson, 54, is under investigation for domestic abuse. If this new claim turns out to be true, his baby mama Oksana Grigorieva is in serious danger! A friend of Oksana’s tells “She made the recordings and on one of them, Mel is heard telling Oksana, ‘I will bury you in the rose garden,’ which she believed to be a clear reference to killing her.”

Shocking, yes — but this isn’t the first insane thing we’ve heard come out of Mel’s mouth this week. We heard about his racist remarks against a Latino member of his staff, as well as his comment to Oksana that she looked like she was going to be “raped by n*****s.” And Mel will have a hard time covering his tracks, as there are reportedly photos of Oksana battered and bruised after an encounter with him.

Not only is Mel under investigation for abusing Oksana, but also learned exclusively that investigators are looking into whether or not his 8-month-old daughter Lucia is safe around him.

Mel, ever since your DUI in 2006 you’ve been on a rapid decline. Pretty soon, no one will respect you — and I suspect they won’t be going to any of your movies, either. Instead of going insane and threatening to bury Oksana, you’d be better off burying what’s left of your career. You’re done.

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