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Lindsay Lohan's Bold, Red Handwriting In Court: What It Says About Her!

Fri, July 9, 2010 3:31pm EDT by 9 Comments

070910_Lohan_handwritten_notes_hufPostCurious about whether Lilo’s courtroom doodles reveal whether she was taking her DUIs seriously? Read what handwriting experts have to say ! spoke to multiple handwriting analysis experts who told us what they found out when taking a closer look at the very upright, red-inked notes Lindsay Lohan took on July 6.

Paula A. Sassi, Certified Master Graphologist
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She is projecting a false image and not in touch with her true personality. The control in the script indicates intelligence and organization with no major signs of drug or alcohol abuse. That she wrote crosswise on the paper shows that she writes her own rules and does not follow along the structured lines of the paper or, for that matter, society. The boxes indicate ordered and contained thinking while the arrow points to the future.
Her state of mind was very controlled and focused. The writing is rather masculine in nature with a strong focus on what is going on at the moment. She is trying to maintain control for fear of losing control.
The rigid and tight quality of the writing shows her intensity and the closeness of the letters reveal a self absorbed nature. The control and precision of the print are also an indication of a high intelligence that is probably hidden behind her personified Hollywood image which makes her seem more like a hologram than a person.

Sheila Lowe, handwriting examiner
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The handwriting being written at an extreme angle suggests to me the need to not go along with the crowd, to be unique. It literally goes across the lines, so we could say that she’s “crossing boundaries.” The writing style is not only block printed, it’s extremely regular: There’s a really strong need to feel that she’s in control (because inside, she feels out of control). It reminds me of someone on a roller coaster, hanging on to the safety bar for dear life.

The crowded aspect, not only in word spacing and line spacing, but also many letters butt up against each other, suggest someone who is unclear about her boundaries. Everything is just as important as everything else. She has trouble distinguishing between what is important and what is not.

This is not someone who likes to be told what to do. She is “headstrong,” determined to go her own way, no matter what.

Arlyn Imberman, Graphologist, Emerging Image

It is controlled with a strong sense of aesthetics, The space is crowded the letters are compressed. Which indicates poor space judgment in both sample A and B. In Sample A writing does not follow the lined paper in sample A and the space picture in sample B is both chaotic and confused. both samples show individual writers who have problems with boundaries, difficulty in judgment and are willing to go against convention. The printing in Sample A looks way too disciplined and controlled with little emotion unlike sample B there is a spareness and dryness to the letters in Sample A which is almost robotic. The written and style are also different in sample C. The strokes of the printing are less consistent. Than in sample A. All three samples show issues of judgement but sample B (Lindsey’s writing) has swings of size and space which are more extreme than sample A. Each writing show resistance and rebelessness, one who goes their own way, using space available but showing an inability to see or judge the world around them. In sample A, in my opinion, the printing shows discipline, regulation and clarity. Lindsey’s writing is adrift revealing one who has yet to feel grounded in the world. Handwriting is simply a snapshot in time reflecting our state of mind and consciousness. If this is indeed Lindsey’s writing, she appears to be in a really different place from the B and C samples.

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