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Top Plastic Surgeons Explain Why Lindsay Lohan Looks So Much Older Than Other 24-Year-Olds (Yes, That Trout Pout Is Definitely To Blame!)

Wed, July 7, 2010 3:46pm EDT by 27 Comments

When Lindsay Lohan received her 90-day sentence she looked alarmingly old for a 24-year-old girl. Top docs weigh in on why she looks so aged compared to the rest of young Hollywood.

The photos from Lindsay Lohan’s sentencing on July 6 were quite alarming. The once youthful, bright-eyed actress we fell in love with looked puffy, tired and overly inflated in certain parts of her face. “Lindsay looks easily in her mid thirties,” says Dr. Ashkan Ghavami a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. And we totally agree. Just look at the stark difference between Lindsay and fellow 24-year-old starlets, Amanda Seyfried, Lauren Conrad and Leighton Meester. They look well rested and youthful while Lindsay looks anything but.

“Eyes are the first thing that gives people’s age away,” Dr. Ghavami says. “Smoking and drinking ages you in the eyelids earlier than anywhere else because the skin is very thin and shows the damage early on,” he continues. “Her lifestyle is threatening to her,” says Dr. Richard Fleming, a facial plastic surgeon and co-director of the Beverly Hills Institute. “She’s got a fullness and a roundness to the face that she never had before. It doesn’t look flattering.”

But, it’s not just her lifestyle that’s aging her, it’s also all the procedures she’s had done to her face. “Her lips are over done so it looks like someone older trying to be younger. But, it has the opposite effect on her,” Dr. Ghavami says. “Her cheeks don’t have the definition they had before and I suspect she’s had fillers since she doesn’t look like she’s put on weight. They’re much, much fuller than they ever were. Her nasolabial folds look very, very full,” Dr. Fleming says. “It’s rare that a 24-year-old needs fillers. Very seldom would I do that.”

Here’s what differentiates Lindsay from her contemporaries. It’s “that heavy look with lack of definition in her jaw line and she used to have great, defined cheeks. She doesn’t have that anymore,” explains Dr. Fleming. “She doesn’t have proportion. Everything’s big, round and full. She lacks shape and contour,” he continues.

It will be interesting to see what Lindsay looks like after her 90-day stint and jail followed by her 90-day inpatient rehabilitation. Hopefully her lips will de-puff, her fillers will start to go away, and she’ll rest up those tired, haggard eyes.

– Marta Topran

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