WHAT THE HECK?! Lindsay Lohan Might Only Do 23 Days In Jail, Says Sheriff's Spokesman

Tue, July 6, 2010 8:00pm EST by 5 Comments


Just her luck. The sheriff’s spokesman just said Lilo probably WON’T spend 90 days with the mean girls!

Hold back the tears, Lindsay Lohan. Your luck may have shifted. According to sheriff’s spokesman, Steve Whitmore, you’ll probably get out of the pokey within 23 days AND you’ll get the VIP treatment.

“[Lindsay] most likely will be separated from the general population due to her celebrity,” Whitmore said on the courthouse steps immediately after Lindsay’s sentencing July 6. “She may only do 25% of her sentence due to overcrowding, and being a non-violent female prisoner.”

According to the Sheriff’s Department, Lilo will do her time at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, the same prison the 24-year-old starlet went to last time, as well as Paris Hilton, Michelle Rodriguez, Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie.

No specifics will be given until her next court date July 20, Whitmore explained. The judge gave her 90 days specifically because she would probably serve less and she wanted to give Lindsay as much as she could.

Watch Lilo’s breakdown in court here

Kirstin Benson


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Posted at 11:36 AM on July 7, 2010  

I agree with every single comment here. It’s completely ridiculous that she should walk after 23 days after everything she’s been through! She breaks the law at every turn and gets away with it because of her celebrity. The only way she MIGHT clean up her act is if she stops getting special treatment. She needs to do her time in jail and do her time in rehab. Sadly, she still doesn’t seem to think she has a problem, so I fear rehab will be (another) waste of time for her – not to mention the professionals attempting to help her!

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Posted at 5:44 AM on July 7, 2010  

I’m sick of hearing how Li Lo might die. I want this criminal off our streets in California. She’s being civilly sued by the 2 men she car jacked to go on a high speed chase down PCH in pursuit of the mother of her former asst., hasn’t shown up for any depositions (4 of them to date,) was never charged criminally for this crime, and now the Sheriff intervenes during breaking news of her 90 day sentence to state, “LL will not serve the entire sentence due to overcrowding.” This degenerate will drive again, killing California residents this time. She was recently photographed wearing a $35K Rolex reported stolen by someone unfortunate to be in her vicinity; stole a woman’s full length mink coat out of a NYC restaurant which took approx. 3 yrs. to resolve via a civil lawsuit…..she is a menace to society and the L.A. Sheriff ought to release one or two poor convicted low level drug offenders serving stiff sentences to make room for this CRIMINAL to keep our streets safe.

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Posted at 3:19 AM on July 7, 2010  

Not really surprised..I’ll be surprised if she actually does all 23 days at all. When she was crying I was thinking ” Girl, that’s not really that bad”. She didn’t get caught with the coke after she totaled that Mercedes, don’t know what is happening with the case where she stole the car and took those boys on a “joyride” while chasing her assistant.

She really has had multiple chances to clean up and hasn’t but she need less YES people around her. I don’t have a ton of faith that she will clean up still. Question- Why was she sooo insistent about removing that SCRAM bracelet? She seemed more concerned about that than the time she was given.

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Posted at 8:41 PM on July 6, 2010  

I tend to lean towards second chances but this time I say throw away the key for 90 days. LL has had chance after chance after chance and has shown no respect for any of it. The excuse about the passport – she knew she had to be in court, so she shouldn’t have gone to Cannes. Too bad if it’s a job requirement, to promote the film. Try doing same thing LL did and then tell the judge “i can’t go to jail because I have to go to work” and see what happens. the judge hit the nail on the head – LL is only sorry because she has to pay for what she did.

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Posted at 8:22 PM on July 6, 2010  

23 days is a long time for a girl like lindz, and then she has to go straight to rehab for a full 90 (no “overcrowding” or “nonviolent” considerations there). so, good enough… as long as it’s really 23 days, not 23 hours. i want to shake that girl and her ‘poor me’ attitude! her tears are really enraging me- flashback, paris hilton, “it’s not fair!” argh. these spoiled brats that won’t own up to their sh!t…

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