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Jake Pavelka And Vienna Girardi's 'Bachelor' Showdown!

Tue, July 6, 2010 8:53am EDT by 10 Comments

The pair’s long awaited reunion ends with Vienna storming off the set in tears!

After weeks of back and forth attacks via various media outlets, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi finally had their explosive showdown last night during a special segment of The Bachelorette. Their arguments made absolutely no sense and the two seemed to be constantly contradicting themselves, but here is a brief rundown.

Jake claimed, “The relationship was going downhill,” before stating that he was blindsided by the break-up. How is it possible to be blindsided by the end of a relationship you claim is going sour Jake? Doesn’t really make much sense.

For her part, Vienna echoed Jake’s initial statement saying, “It went straight downhill. It wasn’t like a real relationship.” The reality show love you found with a pilot who dreams of being an actor didn’t feel “real?” Really?

As for Vienna’s rumored dalliance with a gentleman in the pair’s shared apartment, Vienna defended herself saying it was simply a gay friend dropping off a dress for her. Maybe she could introduce him to Jake!

Then there was some yelling, Jake called Vienna a “fame whore” (kettle, pot) and Vienna called Jake a “liar.” All this culminating with Vienna breaking down in tears and running off the set.

“You are the fakest person I have ever met in my life,” Vienna screamed as she made her final exit.

Hopefully to never, ever, return again.

Now, while neither seems to be able to make a sensible or convincing argument, we did find Jake to be a bit more mean than Vienna. But what did you think HollywoodLifers? Who was the meaner ex — Jake or Vienna?

-Chris Spargo