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YIKES! Megan Fox, Your Marriage Is DOOMED If You Follow Your Own Advice!

Sat, July 3, 2010 4:07pm EDT by 3 Comments
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Getty Images

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are all smiles after eloping in Hawaii last week — but with Megan’s negative outlook toward marriage in Hollywood, we’re taking bets on how long this union will last!

Two engagements and one marriage later, Megan Fox tells Steppin’ Out that marriages NEVER work in Hollywood. Talk about a badly timed honeymoon surprise!

During an interview with the magazine the 24-year-old actress didn’t hold back any of her negative opinions on marriage and explained why she thinks famous couples are fighting a losing battle. “I think couples generally aren’t staying together. The divorce rate is so high right now,” Megan said. “But I think Hollywood specifically is because of two things. Everything is so easily accessed in Hollywood. Whatever you want you have at your fingertips. So for a lot of people, that temptation is just too much. You lose the ability to cherish something else because there are so many others out there just waiting for you.”

The former Transformers starlet didn’t end there. She practically forecast her own split from new hubby Brian Austin Green.

“Also, the couples that you see in the tabloids are being reported about even when there’s not even a problem. Being on cover after cover after cover, the relationship becomes even harder to maintain than it normally is—which isn’t easy to begin with,” she said. “Your life being out there in the open is almost unbearable. Both people have to be incredibly strong people to make it through that. It’s sad, and I think the media is responsible for a lot of it. At least for planting the seed. Like I said earlier, actors are very insecure people to begin with.”

After the Jonah Hex box office disaster and getting fired from Transformers 3, we thought a marriage would gladly turn things around for Megan. However, we may be speaking too soon…honestly, who thinks about breaking up when you are engaged?!

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