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Will Howard Stern Retire At The End Of The Year?

Sat, July 3, 2010 5:12pm EDT by 10 Comments

The radio shock jock and Sirius could part ways in as little as six months. Will the radio personality stay, or explore new options?

It is the news no morning commuter wants to hearHoward Stern‘s contract with Sirius Radio will be up in just six months! Now this does not mean the much beloved Howard will be leaving, or even that he won’t renew, but it does give him the option to explore many other paths!

Jo Piazza over at Popeater points out, “He’ll be free to re-sign a contract with Sirius XM Radio, free to retire, free to return to terrestrial radio or free to start an entirely new career” — possibly with American Idol she points out!

As it currently works, Howard is paid $100 million a year and foots the cost of his own show, which in the end makes him roughly $70 million a year. A very, very healthy sum of money. He could be making even more however some point out if he simply started his own web based show!

Stern’s former program director at WXRC, Anthony Michaels tells Piazza, “You can go to the gym, plug headphones in, you get Howard, at work at home, as long as you have Internet, you get the show. If Howard charges $4.99 a month for his site, and just 2 million people follow him, that’s $10 million a month.”

The choice will of course be all his, but many may need to prepare themselves for the possible end of an era come the end of the year! Something tells us however that even if Howard leaves Sirius, he will still be dominating the airwaves somewhere!