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Exclusive! Expert on Mel Gibson’s Tirade Against Oksana: 'Physical Violence is Very Likely'

Fri, July 2, 2010 10:26am EDT by 5 Comments

070110_mel_gibson_racist_544_XXXXMel Gibson’s baby daughter and ex-girlfriend could be in physical danger in the wake of the actor’s explosive outburst.

An expert tells that LA’s Department of Children’s and Family Services is right to be concerned about the safety of Mel Gibson’s daughter, Lucia, saying that the actor’s threatening rant could lead to violence.

“It is very possibly dangerous for Mel to be around his child,” says Rebecca Roy, a Beverly Hills-based psychotherapist who works with the entertainment industry. “I would be very concerned if I were the child’s mother. Any time you have verbal abuse to this level, you have to think that physical abuse is very likely.”

RadarOnline reported earlier today that Mel’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Oksana Grigorieva recorded the profanity-laden outburst after he made a series of death threats against her. In the audio recording the 54-year-old can be heard calling the singer a “whore” and a “c**t” and telling her that she could get “raped by n***ers.”

It’s not the first time Mel has been accused of a racist outburst — when he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in 2006, Mel unleashed a tirade of obscenities and anti-Semitic remarks at the arresting officers. The Oscar winner, who admitted to battling alcohol problems, later apologized.

But it would seem that an apology was not enough to change his behavior — or deeply held beliefs. “You don’t come out with statements like that if you don’t harbor racist tendencies,” Roy believes. “This way of thinking didn’t just happen yesterday.”

Roy speculates that Mel’s rant is linked to him falling off the wagon again. “It’s possible his drinking has escalated to the point where his outbursts are more frequent,” she says.

Both Mel and Oksana, 40, have filed restraining orders against each other, with Oksana saying that Mel struck her, knocking out two teeth, and Mel claiming that he had to stop her from shaking their 8-month-old daughter.

“There is a possibility that neither parent is fit to raise this child,” Roy says. “DCFS should be investigating this case; they have to consider the safety of the child first.” In fact, confirmed that LA’s Dept of Children and Family Services absolutely plans to investigate.

As for what Mel and Oksana can do to resolve this bitter battle, Roy has one word: therapy.
“I recommend that Mel get some anger management counseling, therapy, and become sober, and that she gets therapy and support. Being subjected to an outburst like this would be devastating to anybody, especially a new mother. But they need to think of their child first.”

– Kathy Campbell

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