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Angelina Jolie Talks About Raising Her Six Children In 'Vanity Fair.'

Fri, July 2, 2010 4:48pm EDT by 7 Comments

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The actress opens up on parenting 6 children and how she plans on dealing with them when they finally hit their terrible teens!

Bigger than her role as one of Hollywood’s most famous actors or partner to superstar Brad Pitt is Angelina Jolie‘s role as a mother — and it is one she takes very seriously. In her cover story for the August 2010 issue of Vanity Fair the actress gets in depth about her children’s schedule, their hobbies, and how she plans of dealing with the six children when adolescence kicks in.

“I had some great advice,” the clearly self-aware actress says at one point in the interview. “‘You’ll know their teenagers when they close the door.’ And when they start closing the door, don’t talk to them, listen. Because there’s nothing you could say.”

As for how to make sure your children haven’t gone beyond repair by the time they hit their teens Angie says, “You have to raise them right before that. Then you need to listen for a good five years, just keep your mouth closed.”

The brood’s current schedule does, like most children, revolve around their school work. “We have two teachers who travel with us, and we found a wonderful local man who teached the history of Venice and some Italian,” she explains. “They go to school every day 10 to 4 at home. They’re on the Lycee curriculum. We keep them in that system when we’re back in L.A, and in New York they sometimes go to a Lycee school.”

It really does seem that despite it all, the Jolie-Pitt clan does have a somewhat typical childhood life!