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Back Off, Haters! I Think Andrew Garfield Is The PERFECT Choice To Play Spider-Man!

Fri, July 2, 2010 9:10am EDT by 5 Comments
Getty Images, Courtesy of Sony Pictures (inset)

Getty Images, Courtesy of Sony Pictures (inset)

A different kind of actor for a very different Spider-Man. I like it!

I have to admit, I had the same the reaction as many of you when I learned that Andrew Garfield had been chosen to play Spider-Man in the upcoming reboot: “Who?” But after much thought, I’m thrilled with the idea.

In the same way Batman Begins was a darker, more serious reboot for the Batman franchise, this new Spider-Man franchise is aiming to change the way we look at the webbed wonder. Had they chosen someone like Percy Jackson star Logan Lerman, who was once being considered for the role, it would have felt like the same old action franchise all over again.

Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, and Sam Raimi, who directed all three Spider-Man movies, both spoke with recently, and they both said they couldn’t imagine anyone but Tobey Maguire playing Spidey. And apparently they’re not alone. Just in browsing fan sites and Facebook, I’ve seen endless negative comments about Andrew.

But I have to say: Let’s give the guy a chance before we start hating on him. He could turn out to be really great — and hey, don’t we all think a Spider-Man reboot is a stupid idea anyway?