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EXCLUSIVE! Eyewitness Report! We Saw Chris Brown at the BET Awards And He Did NOT Use Eye Drops To Cry!

Thu, July 1, 2010 3:59pm EDT by 58 Comments


Chris Brown’s emotional breakdown at the BET Awards was 100% legit whether you like it or not! We dispute the new claim that Chris Brown faked his tears!

Chris Brown’s powerful performance at the BET Awards has been discussed for days, and despite new claims that the R&B star faked his emotional tears, there is one thing we can absolutely GUARANTEE — his tears were real, not the result of eye drops!

The 21-year-old singer‘s onstage waterworks came during his Michael Jackson tribute when he started singing “Man In The Mirror,” and now there are reports from claiming that Chris’ bodyguards gave him tear-inducing eye drops. wants to refute this in the strongest language possible. Our reporter was no more then 10 feet from Chris Brown backstage before, after and during his performance. Our reporter had Chris in full view at all times and his tears were real.

We repeat: there was NEVER a time that Chris had any interaction with his bodyguards or received any tear-inducing eye drops — it would have been impossible! Whomever has propagated this rumor may not like Chris and we do not condone his attack on Rihanna. However, his emotional outburst and tears were real and it’s not fair to smear him with this rumor.

Russ Weakland