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Great News, Sandy — A Family Attorney Says It’ll Be A Breeze For You To Become A Single Mom To Baby Louis!

Mon, June 28, 2010 8:30pm EDT by Add first Comment
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Now that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James’ divorce papers have been signed, she wants to raise her baby son on her own – and it will be as easy as one, two, three!

Custody battles between bitter parents can rage on for months – even years – as moms and dads ruthlessly fight for the right to their offspring. Luckily for Sandra Bullock, because Jesse has relinquished any parent rights to their six-month old son, the process of becoming a single mother will be as easy as pie.

“[Jesse and Sandra] are going to go to court. They are going to prepare a custody agreement and they will present it to the judge. The judge will presumably have some questions, but will sign off on it,” Los
Angeles-based family attorney Steve Cron told “When Jesse says he wants to relinquish his parental rights, I don’t think they would force him to stay on as a parent. He might have to pay child support, but I doubt that since she probably makes a enough money to support him.”

After five years of marriage, Sandra, 45, and Jesse, 41, signed the papers securing their divorce, Sandy’s rep confirmed to June 28. Now, the Oscar winner’s path to becoming Louis Bardo’s only parent should be a seamless, smooth-sailing ride.

“There are plenty of single moms who do a great job raising kids and she certainly has the financial means to raise a kid,” Cron said. “[The judge] is certainly not going to make someone who doesn’t want
to raise a kid [be a dad].”

In fact, the West Coast Choppers CEO most likely won’t have any responsibilities at all when it comes to Louis — including any financial obligations.

“This [case] is unusual because this is one where the wife has all the money and the earning capacity, so primarily they would ask the parent who’s giving up rights to pay child support. In this case I
doubt that would happen,” Cron explained. “I would imagine it could be accomplished in a couple months. It’s a pretty unusual situation.”

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