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EXCLUSIVE! Backstage At BET Awards: P. Diddy & Prince's Near-Accidents, Plus Everything You Didn't See On TV!

Mon, June 28, 2010 10:44am EDT by 4 Comments
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We already told you all about Chris Brown‘s backstage waterworks at the 2010 BET Awards, but that’s not the only thing you didn’t see on the televised show. was backstage at the Shrine Auditorium on June 27, and we’ve got all the behind-the-scenes gossip for you. When you have to walk through a metal detector to gain access to an awards show, you know you’re in for a fun night!

Here’s what you missed last night on the BET Awards:

  1. Nick Cannon asked The Black Eyed Peas point blank if they were breaking up! They all simultaneously laughed off the notion, with Fergie adding, “I love these guys, we are tight!”
  2. Every time Alicia Keys was escorted backstage, she walked hand-in-hand with her handlers and and moved slower then a grandmother! I understand she’s pregnant, but she was acting like the most important person in the room, holding a Smart Water and looking like the Queen of England. (You can imagine the surprise of everyone backstage when she later climbed her piano for her tribute performance to Prince — which he loved! But maybe it wasn’t the best idea for a pregnant woman. Can you imagine if she fell?
  3. Tyrese and an unidentified beauty were walking to their seats from backstage when a drum set clipped both of their ankles. Thankfully they took the potential ankle-breaking experience in stride and Tyrese performed moments later with no problems at all. All that Transformers training must have paid off!
  4. Prince was meant to perform a 9-minute set after his Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech and tribute, but instead he exited the stage and left the building while the crew was putting together the staging for his performance. The stage was whisked away and almost trampled the petite rocker! Thankfully, a quick-thinking stage hand jumped in front of Prince and stopped the moving stage from causing serious harm.
  5. Drake tried to get back to his seats and security didn’t recognize him! He didn’t have tickets or credentials. This is where things almost got heated: Drake got real upset and said, “Don’t you know who I am brother? I just performed.” Fortunately another guard noticed that it was Drake and let him through before a serious conflict erupted. Drake returned to a good mood instantly!
  6. Jermaine Jackson of all people was surrounded by at least 12 bodyguards. It really was overkill. No one was going to hurt him, especially backstage!
  7. Eminem has the biggest bodyguards ever! He’s got in front and one in back, so he’s completely invisible. It was pretty shocking to see Eminem, who isn’t small, pretty much get Eclipsed, so to speak.
  8. Jermaine Jackson met Chris Brown after the MJ performance. They both embraced, cried and rushed out of the building to the awaiting trailers. Chris’ MJ tribute was the best-kept secret of the night. It was mentioned on the rundown that a “Cary Grant” was performing the tribute, so everyone in the audience and most of the people backstage were very surprised to see Chris on stage. Many had mixed feelings.
  9. Queen Latifah and everyone else backstage loved Drake’s performance. Everyone was huddled around the monitors and there was no room for any more people. Many were very excited to see him. Pharrell from N.E.R.D. was also interested in the performance, even joining Queen Latifah in a little dance.
  10. P. Diddy was there all day, just walking around, but very present. He even walked Prince to his seat! They were chumming it up and had a few laughs together.
  11. MC Lyte made all the announcements and commercial break mentions.
  12. Anthony Anderson said to Niecy Nash before going on stage to present Video Of The Year: “You ain’t never had a women in your video unless she’s had three C-sections.” They were discussing the interesting selection of women in music videos today.
  13. Amidst all the fireworks during Diddy’s performance, one of the light panels almost fell. The crew secured it enough so nothing bad happened, but it could have been a potential nightmare!
  14. Where were expected guests like Rihanna, Jay-Z and Beyonce? Ri was preparing for her tour (and spending some QT with her hot baseball player BF Matt Kemp), while B and J had a date night at Brooklyn pizza joint Lucali!

— Russell Weakland

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