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KIRSTIN ADMITS DEFEAT! Kristen Stewart Really IS The Coolest Girl In Hollywood & A Great Role Model For Girls!

Sat, June 26, 2010 1:25pm EDT by 27 Comments
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I’ve hated on K-Stew for years, but after meeting her at the Eclipse premiere last night, I finally understand what the hype is all about

Kristen Stewart has always bugged me. I love the Twilight books, but never imagined someone like K-Stew playing Bella. Her voice is too raspy, I don’t like her style and worst of all, she always acts too cool for school. I’ve wanted to shake some sense into her for a LONG time.

But now I come to you, K-Stew lovers, with my tail between my legs. I have to admit, your girl is pretty darn amazing — and a perfect role model for young girls, in a weird kind of way.

As my (former) least-favorite leading lady made her way down the red carpet at the Eclipse premiere in Los Angeles June 24, she gave one interview that forever changed my opinion of her.

“What advice would you give to young women who have body image issues?” a reporter asked the 20-year-old actress.

Kristen paused for a nanosecond before giving her true opinion. “Be healthy and f— everyone. Like, seriously, whatever,” she said, while flipping the camera off.

For once, I FINALLY agree with her. Hollywood (and all of us in the media) put out these completely unrealistic images of picture perfect women. Girls shouldn’t feel like they need to be a size 2 or 4 to be pretty. It’s an unrealistic expectation that’s giving society a warped perception of beauty, and it made my day to hear the most popular actress in Hollywood send a message I respect her fans.

Now I get why people are so obsessed with this girl. She’s NOT picture perfect, she DOESN’T buy into the whole glamorous thing, and she doesn’t try to. She clearly doesn’t care what people think about her, and that’s awesome. For the first time, I think I’ve seen the light…

Hi, my name is Kirstin and — dare I admit it? — I’m a K-Stew lover!


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