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Jake & Vienna's Explosive First Breakup Meeting – 'He Pulled Back His Fist & Lunged At Her!'

Sat, June 26, 2010 9:18am EDT by 20 Comments


The scene was ugly when The Bachelor Jake Pavelka laid eyes on Vienna during the filming of ABC’s Bachelor Breakup Special, claims a source.

Jake Pavelka,32,  tried to physically attack his former fiancee Vienna Girardi, 24, on June 23.  “He literally jumped out of his chair, pulled back his fist and lunged at her,” a source tells Star magazine (it’s the first time the exs have seen each other since the split).

“Vienna was confronting him, exposing all his lies,” continues the source. “He started screaming at her: ‘Shut up! Don’t belittle me! Don’t question me! Shut up!’ And all of a sudden [he lunged]. All of the executives were freaking out. They pulled him off of her and rushed them off to separate rooms.”

“The execs were screaming at him, ‘What the heck are you doing?’ And the camera people were all like, ‘Oh my god, we can’t use any of this,” adds the source. “Vienna [was] scared to death — She’s all alone out there in L.A. and she’s upset. She’s terrified.”

“She’s never seen him be that mean,” the source explains. “He’s been a jerk and belittled her before, like ‘You don’t know what you’re talking about.’ And she’s put up with it for the last four months, because she did everything she could to make the relationship work.”

“She obviously knows she made the right decision,” says the source. “Who knows how ABC will try to splice and dice this and turn it around for their golden boy, making Vienna look bad like they always do. But people have to know what he did!”

The breakup special is scheduled to air July 5th and the fact that there will be a special just reinforces our feeling at that the entire relationship was  a publicity stunt. If it wasn’t, would Jake and Vienna REALLY do a special about their breakup?

What do you think — is this whole Bachelor breakup a a ploy for ratings by  ABC for ratings and fame for Jake and Vienna.  Comment below!

– Lindsey DiMattina