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Fri, June 25, 2010 7:09pm EDT by Add first Comment
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After two years of failed attempts at meeting her favorite Twilight star,’s Twi-mom, Ruby, got R-Patz’s signature at the Eclipse premiere last night!

Hi there, HollywoodLifers! I’m proud to tell you…MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Not only did I have red carpet access and tickets to the Eclipse premiere in LA yesterday, I got to touch, see and talk to my obsession — Robert Pattinson.

My sisters and I have been to sooo many Twilight events. During those events we’ve managed to see, meet and secure photos and autographs with most of the cast, including Taylor and Kristen. Sadly, Rob has always eluded us. This year, we made it our goal to finally snag a photo or autograph with our beloved Edward. It was such a major victory for us to finally see him up close and personal AND get his autograph!

Meeting him made the rest of the cast almost disappear. We’ve seem so many of them so many times that it was no big deal to rub elbows with them during the premiere. They’re all so down-to-earth they
feel more like friends than celebs.

Kristen and Rob came late to the premiere and there was pandemonium upon their arrival. It looked like Kristen made a beeline for Rob when they were both getting seated, but it was really hard to
tell since they were both surrounded by tons of people!

As for what I think about Eclipse, well, let me just say – it was better than both Twilight AND New Moon combined! The story flowed more smoothly and had a faster pace. Also, the love story between Edward and Bella was more prominent and the love triangle was really believable and done well. At the same time, I also loved it because they stayed so faithful to the book.

Most importantly, the movie satisfied my unquenchable thirst for all things Twilight — and was true to Stephenie Meyer’s story. It’s been a CRAZY month, but now I’m sated…(until Breaking Dawn comes out, that is)!

Ruby Guzman

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