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EXCLUSIVE! Olivia Munn Drops Serious F-Bombs, Insisting She Didn’t Get ‘Daily Show’ Job Because She’s A Woman!

Thu, June 24, 2010 3:01pm EDT by 50 Comments
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Olivia isn’t just a sex symbol to nerds everywhere — she’s also a shining beacon of female empowerment!

We were so excited when we heard that Olivia Munn, 29, would be joining The Daily Show as a correspondent, especially since the show has so few women on it! But when we caught up with Olivia on June 23 at the World Champions event at SPiN in NYC, she wanted to make one thing clear: She’s tired of people making such a big deal about successful women.

“When I go into this situation, I don’t think, ‘Oh, great. I’m a woman. This is awesome,'” she told exclusively. “I think, ‘F**k yeah, I worked my a** off and somebody recognized it. This is great!'”

“We’re all human beings in this world,” she continued. “We’re all trying to make it from point A to point B, and just trying to f***ing make it. So I think it’s really a disservice to all women when there are women out there who try to compartmentalize us as human beings, saying ‘women’ and ‘men,’ because I’m just out there.”

Olivia worked really hard to get where she is today — including her role as the co-host of G4’s Attack of the Show! — and she’s proud of it.

“I never tried to use anything besides my own sweat and blood and talent to get somewhere. I think that anyone who’s out there trying to bring down why any woman would get anywhere, or why we’re different, just needs to f***ing turn her f***ing computer off, take the sandwich out of her mouth and go for a god**mn walk f***ing walk. You know what? Just walk it off, b***h. Just walk it off, b***h.”

Ha! Well said, Olivia.

— Courteney Palis


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