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Robert Pattinson Tries To Defend Kristen Stewart's Rape Comments…But BOY Did It Backfire!

Thu, June 24, 2010 10:03am EDT by 37 Comments
Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Like a knight in shining armor Robert Pattinson came to his darling Kristen Stewart’s rescue to defend her from criticism over her remark that the paparazzi invasion of her privacy is like rape. But K-Stew ended up  putting her foot in her mouth again when she dared to insult the Queen of England.

Kristen Stewart took the interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine  to an entirely different place when she chimed in to say that she thinks Robert Pattinson can get away with a whole lot more than she can.

“You can say so much more than me. It’s insane….You’re really good, but you could say, “I just took a s***on the Queen’s face,” and people would be like, “Oh, I love him! I love him!”

We can’t imagine British fans of Twilight will take too kindly to having their matriarch defiled like this.

K-Stew’s remarks came as Rob was defending her against her previous foot-in-the-mouth statement that paparazzi invasion of her space was akin to the crime of rape. Rob claimed that the rape organizations who were upset by Kristen’s remarks had been baited by the media.

“None of those associations came out and gave a statement [criticizing Kristen] without being called upon by the media first — who were doing it specifically to get hits on their websites. That whole system of Internet journalists, where no one is called to account, is almost entirely about hate. All these people get away with doing it because they have no responsibility to anyone,” Rob told EW. “All they need is to get a salacious headline and people click on it, because it’s easy. And it’s quite good being part of these Twilight films because you have to give so many interviews all the time, you can defend yourself. That’s the only way. All of us stick together, as well. There are so many little nerds behind their computers, on their little blogs.”

Kristen admitted that she probably chose the wrong word to describe the pap’s actions, but she does believe that she was unfairly attacked for her statements.

“I used the wrong word. I should have said ‘violated.’ But I’m young and emotional. It’s just the way it goes sometimes. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I just feel like people got so excited once they saw that it was me. It was like, ‘Sweet! Let’s get her!’ And then for the people to exploit it under the guise of being morally upstanding is disgusting — and it embarrassed me because I was a part of it,” Kristen said.

This seems to be a case of the pot calling the kettle a jerk. It’s a little hard to take Kristen seriously as a morally upstanding woman when she later describes the act of defecating in the mouth of the Queen of England.

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