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Kim Kardashian & Miles Austin: Is She Setting Herself Up For Heartbreak With Another Football Player Affair?

Thu, June 24, 2010 12:38pm EDT by 3 Comments

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin are getting hot and heavy. But Kim, we have to say we are a little worried about you. Is another long distance relationship with a professional football player with a busy schedule the best match for you? Wasn’t that what caused your breakup with Reggie?

Kim Kardashian is one busy lady. So it makes sense that she would want to date someone as busy and motivated as she is, someone like Dallas Cowboys player Miles Austin. A professional athlete definitely fits that bill, but he probably can’t give Kim the attention and time that she needs. So why does Kim keep sabotaging her love life with guys who probably don’t have long-term potential?

“Kim thinks only about getting attention – from men and from the media. She is thinking about instant gratification more than who would be a good long term choice for her in a partner,” explains psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D.

Kim’s ex-beau, New Orleans’ Saint Reggie Bush, said in March that their break-up was caused largely by the pressures of his NFL schedule, which includes practices that last 14-16 hours a day!

Sure, it may be the off-season now and Miles may have some time for Kim for the next month or so, but that won’t last very long. Miles is still trying to make his way in the NFL to one day increase his current $1.1 million salary to the levels of Reggie’s $13.5 million salary.

So why is she investing her time in a guy with the same busy job as Reggie…who also lives in a different city? Kim lives in Los Angeles and Miles lives in Dallas. That isn’t going to change for either of them any time soon!

“People who continue to  choose the same way they have chosen in the past end up doing it without having learned anything and if she didn’t learn from the first time around then she may have to date a few more professional athletes before she gets it in her head that they are just too busy,” explains relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle. “When something keeps happening again and again you have to turn around and realize it is time to take note. Is she deliberately sabotaging her relationships? Could be.”

Hopefully Kim is thinking with her head this time around. She’s made it no secret that she wants to settle down, get married and have kids. Cuddling with a guy who lives 1,000 miles away isn’t going to get her there. Do you think that she’s asking for trouble with another long distance relationship? Have you ever been able to make a long distance relationship?


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