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'The Bachelor' Star Jake Pavelka VS. Vienna Girardi — Who's The Bigger Fame Hog?

Wed, June 23, 2010 6:47pm EDT by 4 Comments

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Jake Pavelka says his former fiancé Vienna Girardi was just using him for the attention…but he’s been pursuing an acting career for almost 10 years!

Thanks to their competing cover stories, Bachelor stars Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi‘s breakup drama has turned into the ultimate “he said, she said” battle – but just who wants fame more?

The 32-year-old pilot claims Vienna, 24, used their relationship from its onset to further her career…but HE’S the one who’s been working as an actor for years! And who, exactly has been on THREE reality TV shows now? Nope, not Vienna.

The former Hooters waitress, on the other hand, has also milked her new-found celebrity by trying to jump-start career as a host on networks like E! and Style, as well as selling her sad split story to Star for a rumored $90,000.

Honestly, we’re not sure which of the two is more addicted to the spotlight, so we’ll let YOU be the judge. Here’s the evidence…


Jake’s Quest For Stardom:

He’s tried to be an actor for a LONG time – at least 10 years:
While living in Dallas, Jake used the stage name Jake Landrum and worked on Walker, Texas Ranger, and constantly appeared in commercials.

He can’t get enough reality:
Jake got his first taste of reality TV on Season Five of The Bachelorette while competing for Jillian Harris’ love. After getting dumped by Jillian, Jake landed his own series — The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. In addition, on the day of The Bachelor finale, Jake announced he was going to compete on season 10 of Dancing with the Stars. Enough already!

He’s back in the biz:
Just last week, Jake started shooting a guest spot on the Lifetime show Drop Dead Diva. He’ll play Toby Devlin, (AGAIN) a reality dating show contestant on an episode that airs August 22. Yep, sounds like a stretch all right!

Vienna’s Love of The Spotlight:

She’s training to be a TV host:
In April, Vienna attended Marki Costello’s ‘Become a Host’ bootcamp, where she learned the basic techniques of TV hosting. “I learned so much today in the bootcamp,” she tweeted. “Wish it wasn’t only 2 days i’m learning so much and having such a good time.”

She’s using her recognizable face to get on other TV shows:
Vienna first interviewed Kate Gosselin on Extra TV April 14. Two days later, she did a segment with E! and shortly thereafter worked on the Style Network’s “The Dish.”

She’s acts like she’s just a small-town girl — but really, she’s a PR machine:
A Dancing with the Stars insider tells Vienna is hyper-aware of her surroundings and is very camera-smart. “She was always camera ready. She knew exactly where all cameras and photo ops were — she would have a pasted-on smile at all times to not be caught off guard,” our source says. “She was smart about it, because she made sure it looked like to the non-looking eye that she didn’t care, but she looooooooooved all the attention she was getting. She ate it up like mad.”

She hooked up with an actor – Greek star Gregory Michael – just to get attention:
“Vienna definitely knew Gregory was someone famous — they were in a celebrity-filled car, after all,” an insider tells of Vienna’s first encounter with her new rumored fling during a charity event in California. “She’s a smart girl, and crafty. She knew Gregory was an opportunity to get back at Jake. She’s an opportunist — she seized the moment.”

Kirstin Benson, with reporting by Russ Weakland & Laura Schreffler

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