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The Plot Thickened On Last Night's 'Pretty Little Liars!' Watch The Episode & Get The Scoop Here!

Wed, June 23, 2010 2:10pm EDT by 1 Comment

Sex, alcohol, cheating, lies and scandal make for one seriously guilty pleasure on Tuesday nights!

The third episode of Pretty Little Liars, which aired June 21, revealed some shocking secrets, but at the same time teased that plenty more will be exposed in the coming weeks. Here’s what each of the girls were up to on last night’s scandalous episode:


Hannah (Ashley Benson) can’t seem to get herself out of trouble — from dealing with her mother’s boyfriend, who also happens to be the investigator in Alison’s murder case, to her insecurity about her weight which leads to a lot of self-destructive behavior.


Meanwhile, Emily (Shay Mitchell) continues to question her sexuality: Ben or Maya? She has a super inappropriate encounter with longtime boyfriend Ben, while her relationship with Maya (Bianca Lawson) begins to blossom as the two girls get closer. Will they be able to hide/deny their feelings from themselves and others for much longer?


For as much as Aria (Lucy Hale) judges her father, she really doesn’t seem to be too different from him — her secret affair with her English teacher, Mr. Fitz (Ian Harding), is getting steamier. While the pair try to ignore their attraction and chemistry for each other, it’s undeniable. And it looks like the same can be said for her father’s mistress, Meredith (Amber Borycki.) Wherever Professor Montgomery (Chad Lowe) goes, Meredith isn’t far behind.


Not only is Spencer (Troian Avery Bellisario) still trying to clear her name for Alison’s murder — but she also now has to defend herself against her own family after sharing a kiss with her sister Melissa’s (Torrey DeVitto) fiancée, Wren (Julian Morris.) But cheating with her big sis’s man isn’t the only naughty deed she has on her conscience.

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