Jake Pavelka Tells His Side Of The Story — 'I Was Betrayed!'

Wed, June 23, 2010 9:47am EST by 15 Comments


It doesn’t look like there will be a reconciliation in the near future for Jake and Vienna. The two are battling it out on magazine covers with very different stories. Who do you think is telling the truth?

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi are over! News of the reality couple’s breakup surfaced June 22, and shocked everyone. The seemingly happy couple were thought to be planning a wedding and completing the ABC Bachelor fairytale. But now the claws are coming out! Both Vienna and Jake grace the covers of weekly magazines, June 23, telling their individual sides of the story. It’s a “he said, she said” battle and it’s getting heated.

Vienna is on the cover of Star magazine accusing Jake of emotionally abusing her and not being intimate with her for four out of the six months they were together. But Jake refuses to acknowledge any of Vienna’s claims and tells his side to People magazine.


  • Jake says he broke up with Vienna because she sold her story to Star: “That seriously breaks my trust. I would never do that to her. I am beside myself that she would dishonor the relationship like that.”
  • He says he really was in love with Vienna: “For the skeptics out there, I followed my heart, and if I had to do it all over again, I would make the same decision over and over. I don’t regret what I did.”
  • Jake claims Vienna was jealous: “She was watching these doors fly open for me, and it was causing an intense amount of jealously.”
  • He comments on her reported relationship with actor Michael Gregory: “That is not what caused the breakup, but it’s a factor … I’m not going to be in a relationship that I don’t fully trust.”
  • Jake feels betrayed: “America couldn’t stand that I chose her, and I’d defend her. For everything to come apart like this, I absolutely feel betrayed. I feel like I don’t even know her.”
  • Jake reveals they had no problems in their sex lives: “That’s insane [that she alleges we don’t have sex]. That’s being dramatic and that’s reaching. She has me mistaken for somebody else.”
  • Vienna would sleep all day and wasn’t motivated: “[I told her] Babe, go get your experience, and I will support you. But sleeping until 10:30 every day is not going to cut it, and it felt like a big load. It’s not my place as a fiance to financially support somebody. It’s been a lack of respect and support on her part.”
  • He wants the ring back: “Yes [I want it back]. We’re no longer engaged, and she can’t wear that ring. I’m trying to just get back up on my feet. I’ve got some really interesting things acting-wise coming down the pipeline.”
  • They won’t reconcile:“In my mind it’s over … I’m never going to say never but I’m not pursuing her, and she’s not pursuing me.”
  • He thinks she might have cheated: “I’m not going to be surprised if more stuff comes out. I have no idea. I’m just putting my seatbelt on.”

-Chloe Melas

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Posted at 11:47 AM on August 13, 2011  

He should of chosen ali… Vienna is a daddys girl and gets every thing she wants by just clicking her fingers! She is fake as hell and she is high maintenence…ali was so natural and beautiful…she should of stayed and just marryed him but he was dumb and let her go…he should of picked her…I think vienna is totally to blame not jake all he wanted was happyness and he got stuck with a dumb high maintenence blonde!I hope jake finds wat he is looking for and ali finds love she is amazing!!!:)

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Posted at 6:05 PM on July 5, 2010  

It surprises me that so many of you dont see right through this guy. He is a big fake. I would tell all my female frinds that watched this show that Jake is gay and I still believe he is gay.

Listen I was not a big fan of Vienna, but I totally believe her story about Jake not wanting to be intimate. Jake is one of those gay guys that wants the kids and family, but is into guys. I’m amazed that so many of you cant see this.

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Posted at 8:30 PM on June 30, 2010  

I hope is career is a flop! He is an egotistical asshole who never gave Vienna a chance.

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Posted at 1:58 PM on June 25, 2010  

who cares? these ppl are losers. no one should care what they do or why. move on….

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Posted at 2:06 AM on June 25, 2010  

Obviously don’t know for sure what the “real inside” story is. While not hating Vienna on the show, I couldn’t believe he’d choose someone who almost bragged about being a Daddy’s girl in the beginning. She talked of wrecking numerous cars and her father automatically got her new ones. During the show she stepped out of decent behavior more than once to try and “snag” “her” man. I think she’s used to being the center of attention, getting what she wants, and expects to be pampered and taken care of constantly. She may be one that only can/will really give of herself in the bedroom. And sharing the attention that Jake’s had since leaving the show may have just been more than she could tolerate. Jake seems to be a bit over the top in the attention getting thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Vienna just ended up being jealous over not being the center of everyone’s world once Jake came into her life. “Spark” as he talked about before he chose Vienna is just another word for sexual chemistry. Well, guess what? If that’s all there really is between a couple, that chemistry will not hold a relationship together.

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HL Intern

Posted at 3:35 PM on June 23, 2010  

haha layla! So true! How much can you really ever know a person you meet in just weeks on REALITY TV?

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Posted at 2:42 PM on June 23, 2010  

That seriously breaks my trust. I would never do that to her. I am beside myself that she would dishonor the relationship like that.” aren’t you doing the same thing with people magazine.

America couldn’t stand that I chose her, and I’d defend her. For everything to come apart like this, I absolutely feel betrayed. I feel like I don’t even know her.”
you barley know her because you dated 25 girls cut them one by one and choose Vienna knowing nothing about her .

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Posted at 2:30 PM on June 23, 2010  

He’s just a fame whore trying to do damage control, because he knows his 15 minutes of fame is almost over & he’s trying desperately to extend it…

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Posted at 2:37 PM on June 23, 2010  

agreed. there is a reason the self-declared perfect guy is still single, and it isn’t just bad luck. now he’s an actor… please… wes wasn’t good for much, but i think he actually had your number pilot boy.

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Posted at 2:14 PM on June 23, 2010  

All I had to do was look at the background. Jake may not be perfect but neither is anyone else. On Jake’s side, you have a pilot who tried out for a show for fun and may have a second career come out of it. It says in this article that Jake did some acting before. All this guy is doing is taking advantage of opportunities that have come his way because of The Bachelor and there is nothing wrong with that.

Now if we can stop coughing, choking, and puking let’s look at Vienna. Reported she has been with a pastor’s for 4 years when they broke up at 17 – started at 14? Showed a lot of maturity by eloping when the break-up happened. But she didnt’ want to stop there. While her husband is in combat in Iraq she takes everything he has and gets a boob job – wow! what a woman/wife!! Remember we’re talking about the kind of girl who went over the top for the “Girls Gone Wild” stuff – remember the pictures? Remember the negligee Vienna wore for the fantasy date? What kind of woman “puts out” that fast? When somebody carries themselves like a 5-cent whore they have no standing to complain about anything.

Lastly, people can be jealous in this environment but when you have a group of people like this who are not from the same area, didnt’ know each other before, and the current environment they find themselves in has all of them coming to the same opinions/conclusions that means something. NOBODY liked vienna.

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Posted at 2:34 PM on June 23, 2010  

i liked her and have a vastly different opinion of her and the events you have recited, true or not. when you say “nobody” liked vienna- that’s not true, even on the show (gia, who called her a “good girl”), and even the staffers of this website who have actually met her in person. of course the other girls who knew from day one that jake fancied vienna were going to not like her. and b/c most girls and women are not comfortable with their sexuality (b/c they’re being called a whore for mistakes they made as teenagers by people like you), of course they were going to be intimidated by vienna. did she deserve some of the scorn for rubbing it in their faces, sure, but she’s young and maybe that was the only way for her to get through it all when everyone was talking sh!t behind her back and being beyond mean. long story short, people see other sides to this story than yours, so don’t purport to speak on behalf of everyone. i obviously don’t think your opinion is crazy, many people have it, but i have a much different one, and it’s also not crazy. so, please speak for yourself only.

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Posted at 1:12 PM on June 23, 2010  

I don’t think so, Jake! You broke up with her because she went to Star and told them she broke up with YOU? Nice try. Doesn’t help that you throw in all those comments about your acting career…makes me believe Vienna even more! I also feel she’s telling the truth about the lack of physical and emotional support. Never did I think I’d be on team Vienna – but I believe her!

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Posted at 1:08 PM on June 23, 2010  

Please! Notice he stuck in how up and coming his acting career is every chance he could! I know Vienna is not all that, but I absolutely believe her on this one! Jake – shame on you! At least own up to abandoning her emotionally and physically – my gut says you are not telling the whole truth!

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Posted at 11:50 AM on June 23, 2010  

I don’t care for Jake particularly but his story has more “truth” sounding to it then Vienna’s. She does like to be the center of attention and Jake getting all the attention on dancing with the stars probably irked her no end. She took the looser way out by breaking up via letter and said she put the ring on top of the letter but sounds like Jake is wanting the ring back??? Also, she jumped right into another relationship which confirms she’s a fame-#hore – she’ll dump this one when something else “better” comes along.

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Posted at 10:36 AM on June 23, 2010  

Jake broke up with her after she sold her story to Star? That doesn’t make sense. The headline says “he’s a monster.” I think Vienna broke up with him and moved on pretty quickly.

I like how Jake throws in he has some interesting opportunities down the pipeline. Also, I think he didn’t like financially supporting her.

Oh well, she has moved on to Gregory Michael who probably has more cash to help her out.

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