Jake & Vienna: Has Their Entire Relationship Been A Publicity Stunt?

Wed, June 23, 2010 7:25pm EST by 13 Comments
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Hey girlfriends — are you starting to think like I am that the Bachelor engagement was fake, created only for the cameras, all along?

There are so many things that just don’t add up now that there’s been this completely public breakup. Here’s why — #1, the breakup has been perfectly optimized for the highest level of possible publicity. Vienna spent the last weekend “shopping her breakup story, even before she supposedly told her fiancé that she was splitting, according to one source. She reportedly earned $90,000 for spilling her salacious kiss and tell to Star magazine , reports PopEater’s Rob Shuter.

Then, even though Jake was supposedly “blindsided” by Vienna‘s revelations to Star, he still was quick enough on his feet to land his own cover story in People magazine, even though he was still in Atlanta shooting his new guest spot on Drop Dead Diva.

I have to ask you all — if you were breaking up with your fiancé, would your first instinct be to sell the story about your most intimate problems, like your lack of a sex life, to a national magazine? Now keep in mind that Jake isn’t accused by Vienna of cheating on her — so she didn’t even have betrayal as an excuse for her highly public breakup attack on Jake.

Competing cover stories just smells like a setup to me not the real-life pain of a couple who’s real-life relationship has fallen apart. More evidence that the whole relationship was a fake -just the fact that celebrity wannabe Jake even chose Vienna. And now in a move that clearly smells of a publicity tactic — the former couple has taped The Bachelor Breakup special to air July 5 on ABC! How crazy is that? Stories are already leaking out about Jake almost socking Vienna in the face during the taping — not that we blame him!

If Jake was seriously looking for true  love, like the original Bachelorette Trista Sutter, would he really have considered former Hooters girl/nude landscape calendar model/bikini contest Vienna suitable wife material? Aside from her choice of previous professions, she also had walked out on her first husband, a Marine, while he was serving in Iraq AND she emptied out his bank account! Not exactly evidence of a fine character!

But Vienna was a good red carpet prop for Jake who was looking for an acting career. Vienna’s notoriety made them a far more flashbulb-worthy couple than any of his other bachelorette choices would have been ;  as did actually getting engaged at the end of the show.

The tactic worked! He landed a spot on Dancing with the Stars and then another on Drop Dead Diva.

Vienna meanwhile made hay of her own. Even though Jake complained in his People magazine interview that she had done nothing career -wise since they became engaged except to sleep until 10:30 am everyday, she actually took a “Become a Host” boot camp course, led by Marki Costello. “I learned so much today in boot camp,” she tweeted on April 17.

And both before and after her boot camp she began getting TV gigs of her own, interviewing Kate Gosselin for Extra on April 14, filming a segment for E! on April 16 and taping The Dish for the Style network on April 24.

None of this would have happened for her if she hadn’t become “engaged” to Jake.

The bottom line — both Jake and Vienna have stayed non-stop in the forefront of celebrity news since their engagment and now their explosive public breakup will give them the full-blown notoriety to reach the next level of fame and opportunity!

Vienna for sure has now kickstarted a career for herself as a reality show star. Who wouldn’t cast vixen Vienna in another show — people will want to watch her. As for Jake, he’s now a man of far more mystery, than his milk toastish image had suggested before. Thanks to Vienna, we all want to now know  — did he or didn’t he sleep with her? Did he or didn’t he fake his affection for Vienna just for the cameras?

One thing’s for sure — both Jake and Vienna have proven they have acting talent. At HollywoodLife.com our staffers have met them several times and observed them kissing, and beaming at each other lovingly, plus they told us in chatty interviews they WERE getting married in a year and they were working on their wedding dance. They hardly appeared to be a couple that was fighting all the time, as they both now claim. Take a look at our exclusive video below for proof.

I can buy that they were “acting” because their engagement was a “career move” for each. I don’t buy that they were just faking affection in public, while living cold distant lives at home,  as Vienna claims in her Star story.

Don’t you also find it suspicious that the breakup occurred just as the new season of The Bachelorette show was heating up — the Jake & Vienna split, will no doubt be a ratings booster.

So, do you agree — was this relationship a fake all along? Tell me!

–Bonnie Fuller

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Kenneth W. Treuter

Posted at 2:20 PM on June 28, 2010  

Bottom line: Two weirdos lusting after the title of “Hollyweirds” and believing that a bad reputation is better than none at all. Can we all say, in the words of true or real members of Hollyweirds, “Any press is good, no matter how bad it is”?

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Posted at 11:17 AM on June 27, 2010  

Jake is running after the stars….and Vienna very lonesome and rejected, sure she wants to come out to tell the truth about that cheesy-geek, it was a big mistake ….but who knows maybe she will do better than him in Hollywood???

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Posted at 3:09 PM on June 28, 2010  

and that would be the best revenge! lol… i do think she is playing this thing, but i also think she truly loved jake. and, i think he was just playing a game from the get-go. i’d like to know how much he had to beg to get himself back on gillian’s show after she booted him. he is seriously stuck on the bottom of the bachelor franchise’s shoe!!!!

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Posted at 6:26 PM on June 24, 2010  

Your article really needed a good proofreading before being posted. It should say, “a couple whose real-life relationship.” Who’s means who is.

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Posted at 5:58 PM on June 24, 2010  

well duh! name me one couple besides Trista and Ryan who are still together. every one of those “bachelor”/”bachelorette” couples do it for the cameras…

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Posted at 3:10 PM on June 28, 2010  

ed and gillian… tho, i don’t have a lot of hope for them lasting! lol… i’m just teasing and agree with you, but there is at least one more couple as of today!

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Posted at 3:47 PM on June 24, 2010  

All these relationships are fake. He picked this trashy girl because she wanted to get press as much as he did.

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Posted at 10:39 AM on June 24, 2010  

i think vienna is playing this situation, for sure. however, i don’t think she ever played jake- she loved him, or at least honestly thought she did. i do believe her story (that he wasn’t what he had pretended to be for the show, was more interested in seizing the opportunity to get a tv career than starting a family life, possibly wasn’t into women, etc.). long story short, she may be playing this situation, but he played her. there is a big difference.

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Posted at 6:20 AM on June 24, 2010  

I disliked vienna from day one. She was pushy,no personality, and a porno slut, and her only interest in Jake was to promote her future. Jake was liked by a lot of people, and he was suckered in by vienna. Look what she did to Josh the marine when he was in Irah. She used Jake for money also,and to get new expensive clothes on his credit card, he was not happy. She is a very vindictive, selfish person. Like a Pirana, as for her new beau, Greg, well she will eat him up like all the men she comes in contact. She is not a honest person. She uses them for what she wants, and looking for a sugar daddy, HA! WHO WANTS A ONIK LIKE HER??????? As for Jake, well he was blindsided, he should have picked Tenley or Gia, or even Ali, when she returned to the show. HEY, GUYS, WATCH OUT FOR VIENNA, SHE WILL BREAK YOU.

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Posted at 1:35 AM on June 24, 2010  

I think Jake and Tennley should get back together. I really feel she was the one he wanted. He liked her family and they liked him. His family loved her. I could see that relationship working.

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Posted at 4:14 PM on June 24, 2010  

tho i agree tenley was the best match for the character jake was playing on the bachelor, he clearly did not want her. now that we see he’s not the guy he was pretending to be, thank goodness for sweet tenley that she didn’t get stuck with another loser.

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