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UGH! I'm Sick To Death Of ‘Twilight’ & Don't Understand What All The Fuss Is About!

Tue, June 22, 2010 10:00pm EDT by 47 Comments


HELP! Will someone please explain to me what I’m missing? I’m not a Twi-hard, and I desperately want to get why you’re all so obsessed, BFFs!

I’m stuck in the middle of a Twilight crazy world and am completely, totally and utterly at a loss. I’m so sick of hearing about Twilight I could scream! We get it — Rob has great hair, Taylor has abnormally large muscles for an 18-year-old and Kristen “hates” being famous. What makes them more special than other young Hollywood stars?

Before you start baring your fangs, let me explain. I’ve desperately tried to catch the Twi-bug. I’ve read all of Stephenie Meyers’ books. I went to the Eclipse fan convention in Los Angeles June 12 and waited with 2,000 screaming Twi-hards for 13 hours to get a glimpse of Robsten and Taylor. I even went to the New Moon premiere and am planning on covering the red carpet at the Eclipse premiere June 24 as well.

Still — no dice. Team Jacob or Team Edward? I don’t care – I don’t like either of ‘em! Jacob is too young, Edward is too intense. Am I doomed forever? When Summit announced Breaking Dawn would be be made into two movies, I nearly wept with frustration. This craze is going to on for ETERNITY.

Now I beg you, Twi-Hards. Please, PLEASE help me see the light. Why are you so obsessed? What is it about this simple romance story that makes you crazy – and how do I learn to love it?

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