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Oh No, Kate Gosselin: You're On Botox Overload, Say Docs!

Tue, June 22, 2010 5:06pm EDT by 26 Comments

Courtesy of TLC,

Kate — you’ve got a bad case of Botox, say docs.

Please stop! And also stop your trips to the tanning salon which is aging your skin!

When we saw this new photo of you Kate Gosselin, taken on June 21, it was impossible NOT to notice that your eyebrows had a strange arched look and your eyes almost look pulled up to the side.

We asked several top dermatologists and plastic surgeons to find out what was going on with you. The consensus was that they believed you had botox injections — nothing wrong with that — except that they are BAD botox injections.

“Her eyebrows are very elevated and arched — we call it the Dr. Spock look,” explains NYC Dr. Bruce Katz of the Juva Skin and Laser Center. “The botox was not injected properly. Most probably it was just injected in the middle of the forehead and there wasn’t enough done on the sides — so it’s allowed the muscles to still work on the sides and pull up the eyebrows.”

New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Pearlman concurs with this assessment: “What I can see in this photo, can be accomplished by Botox. Her upper eyelids look a little less hallow which can be a result of the brows being pulled upward.”

Now Kate, the bad news is that despite the botox, at the age of 35, the docs feel that you are looking older. “She appears to have aged significantly in 3 years. People lose fat in their face as they age, making her face look emptier and her neck crepey,” says NYC Plastic surgeon Dr. David Rapaport.

Kate — you could very well be suffering from pre-mature aging due to UVA ray damage from going to your favorite tanning salons. “She has a lot of freckling on her neck and chest,” says Dr. Katz. “Her neck looks worn from sun damage and she’s getting depressions on the side of her chin, because she’s losing collagen volume. This is probably the result of going to the tanning parlour — the UVA rays thin out and destroy collagen and elastic fibers. Kate’s also developing bunny lines from her nose to her lips.

The best way for you to reverse this aging look Kate, says Dr. Katz is: (1) quit your suntanning habit, (2) start SmartSkin laser treatments to stimulate new collagen production, (3) have Alexandrite laser treatments to remove the sunspots and (4) get better botox treatments and use fillers like radiesse and juvaderm around the chin and in the bunny lines.

Done right, you can look younger than 35 once again!

— Bonnie Fuller

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