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Bonnie Says: Don't Be A Victim Of Bad Botox Like Megan Fox And Kate Gosselin!

Tue, June 22, 2010 7:33pm EDT by HL Intern 5 Comments

062210_fox_gosselin_plastic_surgery_544_XXXXThe crazy quest to look younger is backfiring badly on Hollywood celebrities and bad Botox has claimed two new victims.

Megan Fox — just 24 and once considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, showed up at the L.A. premiere of her new film, Jonah Hex, sporting a very strange and youthful look to her face. Three years ago, Megan was stunning, but already appeared to be adding fillers to her naturally pretty bowed lips. The top lip bow was disappearing but at least her face looked fresh and natural.

Fast forward to June 17, 2010 and Megan’s eyebrows are arched unnaturally, her forehead and upper cheeks are so smooth — they looked carved in stone.  She doesn’t even look like she can smile anymore — she’s very Heidi Montag-esque.

Beverly Hillls plastic surgeon told us at that yes, she’s had Botox and, “a lot of it… Around her eyes and near her eyebrows… it’s maing her look waxy.  She has that frozen look from Botox.”

It doesn’t help that plastic surgeons also believe she engorged her lips further with fillers and that her cheeks have been “enhanced maybe with a filler like Radiesse, Juvederm, or Restylane,” says Dr. Bruce Katz of NYC’s Juvaskin and Laser Center.

Now Kate Gosselin, who is ONLY 35, hardly an age when most women would have ever started worrying about wrinkling a few years ago, has appeared with a brand new, apparently strangely Botoxed face.

The once fresh faced mom of eight, now bears a striking resemblance to Jack Nicholson from The Shining or as Dr. Katz put in: “Dr. Spock.”

Kate, in her misguided quest to stay looking young has apparently become a victim of bad Botox too!  Her unnaturally highly elevated arched eyebrows are the weird result of improperly injected Botox, according to Dr. Katz.  “It was probably just injected in the middle of the forehead and there wasn’t enough done on the sides, so the muscles are pulling up the eyebrows,” explains the dermatologist.

Oh Kate.  You’ve always been cute.  But cute means, letting your face look natural and expressive.  Arched unmoving eyebrows only make you look older than your years.

Let the bad Botox wear off and do the-by-far most anti-aging thing you can do- stop going to the tanning salons we’ve spotted you in.  UVA rays are your real unnaturally aging enemy!

As for you, Megan Fox, a face that is waxy and immobile makes you look twice you age- yes, you now look like a 50 year-old woman, NOT a 24 year-old.

So, all you ladies out there, don’t think that smoothing out your face to erase all expression will erase the years off the calendar.  Expressing emotion is youthful!  Looking natural is youthful!  Feeling confident about your own self and look is youthful.

Don’t sabotage yourself by falling victim to bad Botox!

-Bonnie Fuller

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