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WATCH THIS! Sorry R-Patz Fans, ‘Eclipse’ Star Julia Jones Is Team Jacob All The Way!

Fri, June 18, 2010 12:09pm EDT by Add first Comment
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The Twilight Saga’s lone female werewolf dishes on why she prefers Taylor Lautner to Robert Pattinson. One reason? “He’s gorgeous!”

The great Team Edward/Team Jacob debate continues, and Eclipse’s newest star, Julia Jones, is quick to divulge that she’s Team Jacob all the way!

“Taylor!” was the gorgeous 29-year-old’s response when asked her preference at a special screening of her new film, Jonah Hex, in Hollywood June 17.

Julia IS a little biased though — after all she did play the only female werewolf, Leah Clearwater, in Jacob Black’s wolf pack! She admitted, “I’m a little biased because I spent more time with Taylor. I’m just in awe of him. I think he’s gorgeous!”

Like R-Patz ISN’T? Hmph.

Luckily, beauty alone isn’t the Boston-born actress’ only reason for being team Taylor. “It’s weird that that the first thing I say about him when I think of him [is that he’s gorgeous] because it’s actually not his most obvious trait when you get to know him. He’s so smart, so passionate and such a hard worker — and on top of that, he’s gorgeous!”

Yep, Taylor, 18, definitely has it all! But what team are YOU on, BFFs?

Russ Weakland

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