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KEY COMMENT POST! Here's What YOU Had To Say About Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie AND Katie Holmes!

Fri, June 18, 2010 3:10pm EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments
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BFFs, our readers got very heated on three posts this week! The one that got the most comments was about Michelle Obama and her extravagant LA vacation! Keep reading to find out if YOUR comment was picked!

We love it when our readers comment on our posts! We read each and every comment and we think it’s great that you all are so passionate about our posts!

There are three articles in particular that caused quite a stir this week. Our Editor-in-Chief Bonnie Fuller wrote a very compelling “Bonnie Says” post about our First Lady Michelle Obama and how she should have been by her husband, President Obama‘s side during his national BP speech!

The second post was one that I wrote about Angelina Jolie being a great mother for going to her son Maddox‘s end of the year school party. You guys couldn’t stand that I called her “Mom of the year” and I think your comments were great!

Lastly, our Fashion Editor Katrina Mitzeliotis, wrote an article about Katie Holmes fashion disaster outfit at the 2010 Tony Awards. She said Katie should take a cue from her daughter Suri, 4.


Here are the comments on the Michelle Obama post:

  • CeCe: “I am many of the FIRST FAMILY’S PRAYER WARRIOR’S, we came about during the time of the CAMPAIGN, we are the one’s that, GOD has assigned to WATCH OVER the FIRST FAMILY, we listen and we Pray, why, well, it is because of the BONNIE FULLER’S, they come together and PROVOKE DISCORD! these people are what you would call IMP’S.”
  • Madame De Farge: “The First Lady in Name Only (FLINO) is a gauche, uncouth, vulgar, hulk. She exhibits her bad taste every time we see her. She seems to think that a FL should look and behave like an entertainer, showing off her avacado-shaped figure with tight clothes, garish patterns and pop jewelry; ugly boob belts over cardigans that are too small, multiple chunky junk brooches, clothes that haven’t been fitted, pants that show VTL (they shouldn’t make them that big) and camel toe. It’s ridiculous for the magazine pimps to try to palm her off as a fashionable woman. We’re not buying it.”

Angelina Jolie “Mom of the Year” comments:

  • Chantelle Lewis: “No one is here bashing her or doubting the person that she is… All we’re responding to is the heading calling her “Mom of the Year” just because she went to her son’s end of the year school party. This is something that mothers do every single day for their kids.”
  • Alex: “She truly is a role model for all moms”, huh. She sleeps with (and got pregnant by) a man who was still married–check the final divorce date. She has multiple nannies. They children are NOT well behaved–you even reported this. She is what a mom should strive NOT to be.”

Read the Katie Holmes vs. Suri Cruise key comments:

  • Sam: “You people do realize that Katie dresses her daughter. She is like every other mother, makes sure her child is perfect puts up with her husband and ends up with no time for her. But her little girl is not dressing herself, especially at this age. Katie has style, look at her daughter, she just needs to start focusing on herself a little more.”
  • LMM: “Katrina – Excellent! Right on the money! You are a breath of fresh air with your honesty. Kudo’s to you from your numerous fellow females.”

-Chloe Melas