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For The Father In Your Life: Everything He’ll Ever Need To Know About Getting The Perfect Shave!

Thu, June 17, 2010 5:42pm EDT by Add first Comment
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Expert tips on getting the best shave possible. Plus, enter to win over $120 of face products for dad!

Looking for a gift for Father’s Day? How about giving dad, or the father of your kids some invaluable shaving advice. Even the most seasoned shaver could be committing a serious shave faux pas. Whether he’s shaving against the grain, not using enough product or still using that dingy razor, we’ve got the solution for him. SHARPS Barber & Shop CEO and shave expert Rory MacParland is here to give your guy the ultimate guide to grooming. Plus, enter to win over $120 of shaving and skincare essentials from SHARPS Barber & Shop! (Details on how to enter below!)

What’s the best way to prep your face to get the closest shave?
Rory: “It’s really important to get your face supple, warm and wet, so I splash very warm water on my face before I start the shave routine, or sometimes take a shower. Warm water cleans the face, and helps to soften the skin as you rub around ingrown hairs and trouble areas.”

What kind of shave product should guys use?
Rory: “I look for water-based products that don’t gunk up my skin and my razor; something that’s going to soothe while I shave, and has a serious amount of lubricant. Nothing soapy or too harsh, and something easy to use. I use SHARPS Kid Glove Shave Gel which has a slight topical anesthetic quality, reducing the chance that I’m going to make mistakes with my razor – lateral razor cuts are the worst! It’s clear too, so I can see what I’m doing, and never go too high on my sideburns.”

How do you pick a good razor?
Rory: “Unless you’ve been practicing for years, stick to the disposable razor. It really does its job well. There is a lot of debate about how many blades are optimal, or if one brand does a better job than another. Ultimately the manufacturers put so much effort and research into the technology, that the razor is the easiest thing to get right. At the moment I’m using the Bic Flex 4, which has a good weight and nice handle shape.”

What direction should you shave in?
Rory: “NEVER EVER shave against the grain first. Unless you have skin like steel it will harm your skin, confuse your beard, and result in razor burn or cuts.
If I want a super close shave, and I have the time, I’ll shave with the grain first, apply a bit more shave gel, and then across it second. Use your hand on the second pass to coax the hair up, and using ½-1 inch strokes, you can really get a baby-smooth shave. It’s worth it.”

Any tips for men with beards?
Rory: “A well-trimmed beard is a telltale sign of a guy who gives a s**t about the world around him. Get a shaving mirror so you can see all the sides easily without too much movement. Don’t try to take too much off, if you stick to the natural line you’ll reduce your maintenance schedule down by days. Take care of the shaved skin after, applying a balm that soothes the shaved area.”

What should you put on your face after shaving?
Rory: “ICE COLD WATER! I soak a clean facecloth in cold tap water and man-up for a frigid pat down… the cloth is clean, and removes the remaining gel, and the cold water closes the pores while soothing the shaved skin and gets the blood flowing. It’s really something else how three splashes of cold water on your face can wake a guy up after a shave. After the cold water I put on a water-based soothing balm, alcohol-free and with some Aloe in it, for extra protection. Our hydrating gel has an extract of Green Tea in it which reduces the effects of UV rays and damage caused by free radicals, so I know I’ve got extra protection on when the shave is done. Ingrown hairs are a big problem that I’ve had to deal with for years so every second day I use a very mild exfoliant to help the natural process, and don’t do much more than that.”

Are there certain things that men shouldn’t use from their girlfriend or wives’ products?
Rory: “Ah, great question. Don’t use your girl’s leg razor or wax on your face… DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT! Also, keep clear of harsh toners, they’re great for removing makeup, but not great for guys’ skin. Something mild and botanical will cut the grease without irritating it too much… Oh, and watch out for wash-in color or highlights that might be left around the bathroom – you’ll end up the center of attention for the wrong reason!”

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– Marta Topran


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