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EXCLUSIVE! Jill Zarin Shares What To Look For In A Husband: 'Education & Ambition — We Don't Think Money!'

Thu, June 17, 2010 2:58pm EDT by Add first Comment
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Jill knows which traits make a good husband AND which ones you need to watch out for. She gives you the tips you need to find Mr. Right!

Sorry gals, but money isn’t everything — and it sure doesn’t make a man marriage material. If you’re a gold digger, you need to seriously re-evaluate what your looking for in a man. It’s all about “education and ambition,” The Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin tells exclusively. “We don’t think money. We don’t think he has to come with money — he has to come with ambition!”

Jill knows the REAL qualities that a girl should look for in a husband — and in her new book, Secrets of A Jewish Mother, co-written by her sister Lisa Wexler and her mother Gloria Kamen, she  shares with us the “Must Haves” that make a man worth marrying.

Gals, here’s your “must have” check list for evaluating Mr. Right:

  1. Generosity: “Never marry a stingy person. It will ruin your life!”
  2. Dedication: Make sure that he loves you more than you love him. “It last longer that way.”
  3. Kindness: This is “above all” very important!
  4. Fidelity: “Always be on your toes. Always make sure your husband is on his toes as well!”
  5. Ambition: “He needs to be driven,” Jill tells us directly!
  6. Fatherhood Capabilities: “Our opinion is that most decent men make excellent fathers, if given the chance.”
  7. Brains: “It’s important to go to a good University,” Jill tells us. “It’s just as simple as that!”
  8. Sense of Humor: Need we say more on this?
  9. Age Compatibility: “Try not to marry a man much older than yourself,” the book actually says. “It lasts longer that way.”

And, these are the MUST AVOID attributes:

  1. Possessive Jealousy: “A little jealousy is normal. But, creepy, threatening jealousy is a big red flag. GET OUT QUICKLY!”
  2. Dishonesty: “This behavior does not go away over time, it becomes worse.”
  3. Stinginess: “Beware the man who needs to know how much you spent today!”
  4. Violence of Any Kind: “Not tolerated. Not negotiable.”
  5. Addiction to Drugs, Gambling, Alcohol: “Know that you will not cure him!”
  6. Stubbornness and Stupidity: “Together, a lethal combination!”

Most of all, Jill thinks you should look for a man that makes you happy. “You don’t want to be in a relationship where you feel you have to be cautious,” she says. “You need to be yourself!”

— Lindsey DiMattina


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