EXCLUSIVE! Jill Zarin Shares What To Look For In A Husband: 'Education & Ambition — We Don't Think Money!'

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Jill knows which traits make a good husband AND which ones you need to watch out for. She gives you the tips you need to find Mr. Right!

Sorry gals, but money isn’t everything — and it sure doesn’t make a man marriage material. If you’re a gold digger, you need to seriously re-evaluate what your looking for in a man. It’s all about “education and ambition,” The Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin tells HollywoodLife.com exclusively. “We don’t think money. We don’t think he has to come with money — he has to come with ambition!”

Jill knows the REAL qualities that a girl should look for in a husband — and in her new book, Secrets of A Jewish Mother, co-written by her sister Lisa Wexler and her mother Gloria Kamen, she  shares with us the “Must Haves” that make a man worth marrying.

Gals, here’s your “must have” check list for evaluating Mr. Right:

  1. Generosity: “Never marry a stingy person. It will ruin your life!”
  2. Dedication: Make sure that he loves you more than you love him. “It last longer that way.”
  3. Kindness: This is “above all” very important!
  4. Fidelity: “Always be on your toes. Always make sure your husband is on his toes as well!”
  5. Ambition: “He needs to be driven,” Jill tells us directly!
  6. Fatherhood Capabilities: “Our opinion is that most decent men make excellent fathers, if given the chance.”
  7. Brains: “It’s important to go to a good University,” Jill tells us. “It’s just as simple as that!”
  8. Sense of Humor: Need we say more on this?
  9. Age Compatibility: “Try not to marry a man much older than yourself,” the book actually says. “It lasts longer that way.”

And, these are the MUST AVOID attributes:

  1. Possessive Jealousy: “A little jealousy is normal. But, creepy, threatening jealousy is a big red flag. GET OUT QUICKLY!”
  2. Dishonesty: “This behavior does not go away over time, it becomes worse.”
  3. Stinginess: “Beware the man who needs to know how much you spent today!”
  4. Violence of Any Kind: “Not tolerated. Not negotiable.”
  5. Addiction to Drugs, Gambling, Alcohol: “Know that you will not cure him!”
  6. Stubbornness and Stupidity: “Together, a lethal combination!”

Most of all, Jill thinks you should look for a man that makes you happy. “You don’t want to be in a relationship where you feel you have to be cautious,” she says. “You need to be yourself!”

— Lindsey DiMattina


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