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Hey Miley, If You Don't Want People To Call You Slutty, Stop Acting and Dressing Slutty!

Wed, June 16, 2010 3:19pm EDT by 18 Comments

Last week Miley Cyrus announced that she is “not trying to be slutty.” Well the 17-year old certainly could have fooled us.

Miley Cyrus was snapped today in NYC with her bra hanging out of her white tank top. That’s just a couple of days after she hit the town in a skirt so short it generated controversy over whether or not she was wearing underwear.

Memo to Miley, if you want to be treated like a lady and like an adult then you need to realize your actions have consequences. When you walk around with your bra hanging out people aren’t going to think you are wholesome and well-behaved. When you’re wearing booty shorts in all your videos and letting it all hang out people will call you the S-word, and sometimes much worse.

Sure, the peek-a-boo bra may be an accident, but it’s a preventable one. We all look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning and we know whether we’ve crossed a line.

So it doesn’t fly when you act all surprised when people criticize the way you dress or get concerned about their daughters looking to you as a role model.

Right now you’re a poster child for teenagers everywhere on what not to wear. It’s fine to be a little edgy and do your own thing, but since so many young girls look up to you, tone it down a little bit. You say you’re not trying to be slutty. Try harder.

– Jo Piazza

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