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Key Comments! Everyone Is VERY Divided Over Sarah Palin's Boob-Gate Denial!

Tue, June 15, 2010 1:06pm EDT by 1 Comment
AP Images

AP Images

It was not so much Sarah denying her boob job, it was how she said it that brought out some very strong feelings in our commenters!

We told you all about Sarah Palin‘s boob job denial over the weekend and it brought out some very opinionated comments! Sarah stated in her interview with Greta von Susteren that she was angered people were concentrating on her looks, and even offered an alternative way for them to spend their time. “I think some of those folks, too, they need to perhaps grab a shovel, go down to the Gulf, volunteer to help, clean up and save a whale or something.” This statement, as well as others made in the the interview, seem to divide most of our HollywoodLifers.

Here’s what you had to say

Handsome:This woman is the biggest fame ho to come down the pike in a long time. She cannot answer the softest softball questions from Couric or Gibson, has been caught in lies and distortions time and again (just do a cursory glance of FactCheck and PolitiFact), only offers snarky attacks and red meat soundbites rather than solutions yet expects to be taken seriously as a leader. She instigated this situation by wearing a tight white shirt with a dark bra underneath; creating buzz and then getting to play victim again and blame the “lamestream media.” Just like when SHE posed in tight, short running shorts for Runner’s World and then the photographer sold the photos to Newsweek. A piece of advice: If she does not want people ogling her butt or her chest, stop wearing tight, revealing clothes and allowing herself to be photographed in it. She is intellectually hollow but she is shrewd (or her handlers are): Create a stir and then go and play victim card on…dramatic pause…FOX NEWS and get base riled up and in their righteous indignation, they may donate to her PAC or buy her book or pre-order her new one. She is a first class fraud and attention ho.

sodakhic: Boy she had a lot of solutions, debating Congressman Paul, on Judge Napolitanos show on Saturday. She is speaking all over the country, supporting candidates for the November crunch of libs. For being as dumb as a bunch of rocks, no one is turning down her endorsements and she put to rest “boobgate” rather nicely. Typical liberal pap “intellectually hollow, but shrewd.

gbtw: I believe the republican party paid for the Palin makeover (including the wardrobe), and I don’t recall her doing anything to particularly flaunt a chest, in general. I do think it’s inappropriate that a politician, like her or not, should have to discuss her boobs. Men don’t have to deal with this s***, and frankly, aren’t particularly qualified to write about it. Seriously, can you imagine a man having to justify the size of his package, or anybody even daring to raise the issue on national television. It’s absurd.

scarla: Sarah Palin as an unlikely hero of women’s rights is a bit much for me gbtw. I’ll pass and I’m sure millions of other American women will too. I don’t give a damn what she does with her boobs…could be it’s a topic that she can articulate clearly….which isn’t often the case. I imagine Ms. Palin enjoys any reason to be in the limelight….so layer that Sarah with your Valentino jacket and while you’re at it, why don’t you donate your $150,000 campaign wardrobe to the Gulf Coast effort.



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