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EXCLUSIVE! Meet Jon & Kate's Way Hipper Competition — The Family From Bravo's '9 By Design!'

Tue, June 15, 2010 6:27pm EDT by 1 Comment


Sick of the washed-up Gosselins? Check out the hip and beautiful Novogratz family — they are raising seven kids in the middle of NYC!

Move over, Duggars and Gosselins — there’s a new big family in town and they are funky and fabulous! Bob, Cortney Novogratz and their seven kids are the stars of Bravo’s reality show, 9 by Design, and we LOVE their quirky sense of style and forward-thinking attitudes.

Owners of the NYC-based design firm, Sixx Design, Bob and Cortney renovate and design properties in Manhattan, while raising their huge brood — Wolfgang, 12, twins Bellamy and Tallulah, 10, Breaker, 8, twins Five and Holleder, 4 and their infant son, Major. had the pleasure of chatting with the artsy couple about raising seven kids in the middle of NYC, what sets them apart from fellow TV parents Jon and Kate, and why they LOVE the Jersey Shore.


HL: What is the best thing about having a big family?
Cortney: Lots of smiles, lots of joy, and a lot of fun! A big family is emotional in a good way.

HL: How are you different from ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8?’
Bob: We have jobs! And we like each other. There is really no comparison except we both have large families.

HL: How do you even manage to get dressed in the morning with so many kids around? How do you manage to stay so chic?
Bob: It is important to keep yourself looking and feeling good, even if it is difficult to get yourself together in the face of many things to do and lots of people to take care of. But we have a really positive state of mind, and we want to reflect that in all ways, including our outward appearance.

HL: How much money do you spend per month on food? What kinds of meals are you making? How do you keep such a large family healthy?
Cortney: We spend A LOT of money on food, as you can imagine. It is one of our biggest expenses! The people at the grocery store smile when we walk in! We eat the basics — past, burgers, and the occasional pizza. The kids love sushi, which we eat a lot. We all stay healthy with a lot of exercise. New York City is a walking city, which helps, but we are all really active, and the kids love to do different sports, so everybody is fit. Also, we are really not into fast food at all, which is half the battle with kids!

HL: Do your older kids rebel because they want more individual mom and dad time?
Bob: Sometimes. Each child needs his or her own time. We make it a point to give every one of our kids a little one-on-one with Mom and Dad every day. Also, they have each other, which is really nice, and all of the older kids are very sweet to the younger ones.

HL: How do you get your laundry done and how long does it take? If you send it out, how much does it cost?
Cortney: We do it at our home, where we have laundry machines. We have help, thank goodness, because you can image that we have an enormous amount of laundry, and with both of us running our business and a very busy family life, we obviously need a lot of help! It def takes a village to help raise a family of our size.

HL: If you didn’t have a reality show, how messy would your house be really?
Bob: Believe it or not, our house always looks like this. The kids don’t have too much stuff and we really don’t like clutter. It can really remove the spacious feeling of any home, and nobody needs a lot of the things that people keep around the house. We also work out of our home, so we like it to be tidy, and it is also our showroom, in that clients come here to see what kind of work we do.

HL: How is Major doing?
Cortney: He is an angel. He is still not talking, but that is probably because everybody else is. He is the most chill, sweetest child.

HL: How is business at the hotel on the Jersey Shore? Do you have any more boutique hotel projects lined up?
Cortney: The hotel is sold out for the season, the power of TV is amazing. Our book, Downtown Chic, is setting records, and we are doing two more hotels, another on the Jersey Shore and one in Punta Mita (Mexico).

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