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Why I'm A Twi-Mom! Asks One Surprising Fan To Explain Her Obsession!

Mon, June 14, 2010 4:15pm EDT by Chloe Melas Add first Comment


We’ve found the most hard-core Twilight fan and she’s not a teen! She’s seen all of the movies dozens of times, she throws Twilight themed parties, has met the cast, and has spent thousands on her Twilight passion!

We’ve stumbled upon a mother of four from Los Angeles, who’s gone to great lengths to find and meet Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Meet Ruby Guzman, 42, and her two sisters Tiffany, 38, and Cindy, 36, who together encompass what it means to be a Twi-mom and they say it’s brought them closer.

“My two sisters and I are hard core Twi moms,” says Ruby. “We started reading the stories at the same time and we’ve probably each seen the Twilight films like half a dozen times in the theater. But New Moon I’ve seen probably like 20 or 30 times. We went to the premiere of New Moon and took the day off of work and even pulled my daughter who is 16 out of school for it!”

“we’ve probably each seen Twilight film like half a dozen times in the theater,” says Ruby. “But New Moon I’ve seen probably like 20 or 30 times. We went to the premiere of New Moon and took the day off of work and it was a last minute decision and everyone was like we can’t go without my daughter who is 16 so we pulled her out of school and had the best time … it was such a high that we follow the things they are doing now.”

Twi-Moms are known for taking their love for the characters to another level but Ruby and her sisters definitely take the cake. This trio is counting down the days until the June 30 premiere of Eclipse and this will be just one of many events where they’ve seen their favorite Twilight cast!

“We have tickets to see Rob on Jay Leno in a few weeks … we went to the MTV Movie Awards just so we could see Rob and Kristen and we’re going to the LA Twilight Convention this weekend,” says Ruby. “As for Eclipse, we’re leaving early that day so we can camp out, and we got a hotel room for that night right next to the theater so we can strategize.”

Ruby has even met her favorite cast members! She met Taylor at the Super Bowl in Miami and she and her sisters got Kristen’s autograph!

“About a month or so ago Kristen was about to leave in her car in the parking lot,” says Ruby. “She jumped out of the car in the middle of the street and signed the autograph. It was amazing!”

Not only do they love meeting their favorite characters in real-life, they throw huge Twi-parties with personalized jewelry and food!

“We have necklaces and bracelets that my friend makes,” she says. “It’s a chain and it has a little pendant with the photo of Edward or Jacob embedded in it. It’s like a locket and my necklace has Edward with an apple my sister has one that has Edward with a moon.”

Ruby admits that at times her daughter has been slightly annoyed with her deep interest in these films but she says she’s finally convinced her daughter that it’s actually really cool to have a Twi-mom!

“Initially my daughter was kind of irritated with me and thought I invaded her terriority but now she loves my excitement for it,” says Ruby. “Now all of her friends know I’m a Twi-Mom and I’ll get texts from her girlfriends who tell me anything Twilight related.”

Ruby definitely puts the R-Patz and K-Stew kiss that happened, June 8, at the MTV Movie Awards, at the top of her list for most memorable Twilight moments.

“I was so excited! I was thinking it is so them, it was so chaste and quick, like what was that and it really just added to the mystery of them,” says Ruby. “It wasn’t anything that was some passionate romantic kiss but just enough to keep people wondering.”

It might seem to some that this is almost too much, and that it’s not a pastime — it’s an obsession. But Ruby just laughs it off and responds, “My husband is just happy I have a hobby.”

-Chloe Melas

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