Key Comments! YOU Said Teen Sailor Abby Sunderland's Parents Should 'Be Ashamed!'

Mon, June 14, 2010 2:16pm EST by 4 Comments


BFFs, We asked YOU, our readers, your thoughts on Abby Sunderland’s journey and you are outraged with how her parents are handling the situation!

We’ve been giving you the lastest news on Abby Sunderland, 16, who attempted to be the youngest girl to sail around the world. But ever since her boat tipped and word that her dad, Laurence Sunderland, is going to capitalize off her near-tragedy with a reality show — our readers have gone crazy! Everyone is so upset that her dad is going forward with this new reality TV show, Adventures in Sunderland! Depsite new developments, you are saying her parents are still to blame!

In our recent polls, a majority of you voted “no, 16-year-olds have no business sailing the globe alone,” and that Abby is even the next “balloon girl!”

Here’s what you had to say:

  • Anastasia : “It’s her parents who are stupid for letting their son and daughter go on these solo boat trips. They’ve dodged a bullet as their children are still alive. When they’re adults, that’s a different story. They can decide then if they want to risk the dangers.”
  • Jacqui K. : “The parents should be ashamed for pimping their kids because Pappa Dearesr can not get his life together. Maybe he should find another means to take care of his family, get a real job…”
  • Tanya: “I don’t think she should have been allowed to sail around the world herself, until she is a little older. She was lucky this time and I am very glad that she is alright. I applaud her for her bravery, but I it was not to bright to go off by herself like that. I don’t care how much experience a person in this field has, nobody should be out there alone.”
  • Gbtw: “I honestly don’t get this. i know they’re a family of boat people and such, and their son already did this, but i still can’t see letting your 16 year old go out and do such a dangerous thing all just to set some record. i read some experienced sailor saying that the very idea of anyone trying to go through the indian ocean at this time of year was ludicrous. if i were a sailor maybe i’d get it more, but as a non-sailor, i just feel very confused and ‘what am i missing?’ about this story and her parents encouraging or even just letting her do this.”

- Nicole Karlis

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rachat de credit simulation

Posted at 9:50 AM on March 20, 2011  

I think you may want to put a twitter button to your website. Just marked down the blog, but I had to complete it manually. Simply my $.02 :)

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Posted at 2:30 AM on June 16, 2010  

Today I saw an ugly cloud arise over an otherwise refreshing, hope-filled story of your voyage(& rescue!), Abby–
Someone came up with the idea that you could be another ‘ballon girl,’ as in the story of balloon boy, whose dad wanted a lot of attention & wanted to get hired by reality TV, so tried to use his boys in pretense. My thoughts about this accusation:

a. With such a ‘good news’ story, some will find the need to find something bad about it–but that ‘balloon girl’ angle is quite a low, cheap one– I hope no one falls for it.
b. If her dad was sending her out to sea so he could get money from it (or fame) why would he need to send out his daughter–when his son already made it around the world solo–in theory wouldn’t that already get the money & fame that he was seeking?
c. If her dad is so ‘strapped for money’ as the rumor came up, how could they afford to invest the thousands of dollars to make Abby’s dream come true?
d. If it was done just as a pretense on the road to fame & riches with the media, does that mean that all those on the support team, friends, & family are all in on it together?

Hey, who ever’s coming up with the rumors, you need to work a little harder to make up ones that at least make sense.

And to you Abby–my prayers were with you out there, & He’s answered our many prayers for you. I couldn’t really understand why you’d want to do that, at such a risk, but life is a risk every day for everyone, so it’s not so much different. The courage you have must come from God, & I hope most of all this trip has brought you closer to Him. His love & power is evident in your life, & as you write your story, it will be woven into your tale.
Don’t worry, they had to pick apart what Jesus did too, so you’re in good company. Shine on, girl, He’s with you!

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Posted at 3:38 PM on June 14, 2010  

The parents should be billed for any expenses incurred during the rescue of their daughter since they planned to make a profit from her trip. Australia or US taxpayers should not pay for her rescue, nor should any private company. The fuel that was expended to locate her and then pick her up ain’t cheap!

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Gloria Montes

Posted at 9:19 AM on June 15, 2010  

I am outraged to know that Mr. Sunderland’s daughter Abby was sent alone (being underage) to sail around the world. Why do we have to spend Taxpayers money for her rescue? He and his family should be in jail for abuse and he and his family should refund the taxpayers money spent for her rescue since he and his family agree to send her alone for their on gain

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