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Lindsay Lohan's Assistant Quits — She Couldn't Handle The Demanding Diva!

Fri, June 11, 2010 10:44am EDT by 1 Comment,,

Lindsay’s assistant was stressed out, overworked and not even paid? It’s no wonder she quit!

Lindsay Lohan, 23, needs to learn to stop being such a demanding diva before everyone in her life gives up on her! This week, Lindsay lost another friend — her trusty assistant Elinore! “Lindsay can be really bossy and mean when she doesn’t get her own way and Elinore wasn’t even getting paid some of the time,” a source tells RadarOnline. “After a few months, Lindsay’s up and down moods and her 24/7 demands just got to be too much.”

“Elinore’s friends were telling her to quit months ago,” the source continues. “Even the person who introduced her to Lindsay was like, ‘look, this is too much for you. You need to get out now while you still can. You don’t want something happening to Lindsay on your watch.'”

For a while, Elinore felt obligated to take care of Lindsay, and her out-of-control partying had Elinore very concerned. They met through a mutual friend, the source explains, and Elinore bega spending a lot of time at Lindsay’s apartment to keep an eye on her. “[Elinore] was still paying rent on her own place but essentially was living at Lindsay’s.”

But the reality of Lindsay’s erratic behavior eventually set in and Elinore HAD to leave.

“Lindsay’s demands became too much for her,” the source says. “She couldn’t take it anymore and she finally had to quit.”

— Lindsey DiMattina

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