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Get Some Manners — Gaga Strips To Leather Undies & Gives Finger To Fans At Met's Game!

Fri, June 11, 2010 9:52am EDT by 10 Comments (2) (2)

Bonnie asks — Lady Gaga — how can you have the nerve to go to public baseball game, wear a leather studded bra, panties, torn fishnet pantyhose, heels AND expect that no one will NOTICE you or take your PICTURE?

What were you thinking when you deliberately underdressed and went to Citi Field in NYC yesterday to watch the New York Mets play the San Diego Padres? You showed up during the fifth inning and flipped out when your FRONT ROW seats behind home plate — like most baseball fans wouldn’t have killed for those seats — were in view of photographers.

After huffing off, you turned up in Jerry Seinfeld’s empty box, stripped off your leather coat and lumberjack shirt, and revealed a bedazzled leather bra and panties.

Then during the seventh inning stretch, you danced around and repeatedly gave the finger to the crowd. Nice touch Gaga! Finally, just because you didn’t want to be noticed or getting your picture taken, you made out with a gal pal. (click to see photo)

Hey, I know you’re a big star with a bunch of #1 hits, but you’re taking diva-dom to a whole new rude level. Here’s the bottom line lady– you’re just 24, you have a long life ahead — don’t start dissing the very people who made you a star — your fans -or you’ll find yourself kicked to the curb soon faster than you can say Vanilla Ice.

Next time you go to a baseball game in your native city of New York — put some clothes on and if you don’t want to be noticed, wear a hat!

–Bonnie Fuller

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