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I Hope Bethenny's New Show Gets More Interesting Next Week. Last Night's Premiere Was SO Boring!

Fri, June 11, 2010 2:46pm EDT by HL Intern 8 Comments
Courtesy of Bravo

Courtesy of Bravo

Bethenny says she has “an obscene amount of things going on,” but after watching her for an hour, it felt like not much of anything happened!

Bethenny Getting Married?, which premiered last night on Bravo, chronicles Bethenny Frankel‘s transition away from the Real Housewives of New York City and the Upper East Side, to her new life in Tribeca with her beau, Jason Hoppy, and beloved dog, Cookie. It’s a cute little show, but the overall lack of drama, while refreshing, made for a seriously boring hour of television.

Bethenny’s new apartment is quite a step-up from the shoebox she formerly resided in, and it is clear that the expanding family will enjoy all the perks of the luxury digs. One of these perks? A home office, so Bethenny can run her business while wearing pajamas.

Of course, the new space requires a new assistant, which leads to a particularly ridiculous and forced fight between Jason and Bethenny. Jason is uncomfortable with Bethenny having a straight male assistant, citing Bethenny’s tendency to prance about the house in skimpy attire. Bethenny ignores Jason’s concerns, and hires the straight guy. But rather than starting a fight (and creating SOME excitement) Jason doesn’t really bat an eyelash. They compromise, and all is well. BO-RING!

Later in the show, Bethenny and Jason have another disagreement, regarding a housewarming party. Jason doesn’t understand why Bethenny wouldn’t want his friends that she doesn’t know staying at the apartment, and Bethenny doesn’t really understand why Jason wants to have a housewarming party in the first place. However, Bethenny comes around, and even at the last minute, when Jason is called to Florida for a mysterious “business meeting,” she plays hostess to his friends with a smile on her face.

Bethenny and Jason are a cute couple; they have disagreements just like everyone else, and ultimately compromise. But they have yet to make a strong impression on the viewers as an entertaining duo. Even a brief appearance from Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen at the housewarming party didn’t liven up the hour. Bethenny’s quick wit and trademark one-liners are still here, but without the rest of the girls to support her, she’s fallen flat so far.

— Spencer Cain

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