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Hollywood Was Starting To Love Lindsay Lohan Again — But Have They Had Enough Now That She Can’t Stop Boozing?

Thu, June 10, 2010 8:00pm EDT by 1 Comment

Lindsay was scoring sympathy votes before the SCRAM bracelet debacle that nearly landed her in jail post MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. But are Tinseltown’s finest over her drama?

Backstage at the MTV Movie Awards June 6, Lindsay Lohan was loved by all. Forget that she skipped her May 20 court date to party in Cannes, forget her past DUI, forget that she’s currently wearing an alcohol monitoring device because she can’t be trusted not to booze. Lindsay was getting her life back on track and people loved it! But after making a big show of turning her life around, the 22-year-old actress’ SCRAM bracelet went off at a post-awards party, and Lindsay’s own lawyer had to admit she had been drinking. Given the evidence, are her peers over the drama or is she still scoring sympathy votes for being a hot mess?

The answers are a mixed bag.

“Honestly, I don’t feel sympathetic towards Lindsay anymore. That ship has sailed,” one movie producer tells “She’s self-destructive and it seems like nothing — not even the law, her parents or her handlers — can save her. I was really pulling for her, but after this I don’t know. I’m sad for her. She’s pathetic.”

A second film producer agrees, “I know I would think twice about hiring her, especially now.”

A movie director and camera are on the fence. Says the director, “Lindsay is a train wreck, but as much as we like to watch the downfall of a star, we LOVE to see a ‘rise-from-the-dead’ comeback better. She’ll most likely end up in jail at some point, whether it be for a month or two days. Then, after time has gone by and she ‘takes time out for herself’, she’ll hit rehab, get a couple of movie deals and win over America’s hearts again.”

The camera man adds, “Should we give her another chance? For now, no, but we’ll give her one when she gets done with everything that’s going on, whether it be rehab, jail time, whatever.”

But two people are very firmly on Lindsay’s side. A film producer tells us, “I’m still rooting for her! Schaednfreude elevates no one. Better to throw a lifeline to those in pain. It’s simply not appropriate to savor the suffering of others.”

But one of Lindsay’s own peers, another actress, sums up her situation best. “There is hope for everyone if they want to help themselves,” she says. “She is an alcoholic, and like everyone with addictions, SHE has to be the one who has had enough. No one else can help her now.”

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