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Lady Gaga Dresses Like An Idiot & Steals ALL The Attention At Her Sister's Graduation!

Wed, June 9, 2010 12:54pm EDT by 37 Comments

The eccentrically dressed pop star refuses to take even one day off for the benefit of her sister!

As if having the most successful singer in the world right now as a sister isn’t enough to deal with, it must be even worse to have said sister show up to your graduation in a full out costume – and steal all your thunder! That’s what good ol’ reliable Lady Gaga did yesterday while attending her little sister’s graduation at Sacred Heart right here in New York City. Come on Gagaloo, can’t you just dress down once and let this be your sister’s day?

As for the outfit, well, it has to be seen to be believed. First, there was the see through, flesh colored, um, bodysuit we guess. It also seems to have some lace on it. Good summer wear we’d assume, light and airy.

Then there was the hat, because every summer ceremony needs a nice old fashion hat. This one is Asian style and has a lovely black veil, you know so the strong June sun stays out of her eyes. Plus, eliminates the chance of sunburn or being stung on the face by mosquitoes and/or bees. Practical we’d say.

No lady look would be complete without the perfect shoes and Gaga has found them in the form of heelless platforms that, we estimate, are roughly 6 or 8 or 24 inches tall. Keeps your feet off the hot New York pavement.

Now, we love Gaga, love her looks, love her songs. But it is the one day that should have been about her little sister. Couldn’t she have just found a simple little dress or some pants and a cardigan. We know it’s not who she is, but family is all about the little sacrifices.

We do applaud her however for not applying any fake blood for the special day.

-Chris Spargo

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