Hey Lindsay, It Looks Like Amanda Seyfried May Have Stolen Your Career!

Tue, June 8, 2010 5:43pm EST by 8 Comments
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Getty Images (2)

The two stars of 2004 hit flick Mean Girls have gone down very, very different paths!

Amanda Seyfried had a pretty great Sunday night, managing to scoop up an MTV Movie Award for her role in Jennifer’s Body and also scoring a nom for her performance in Dear John. I couldn’t help but notice, however, that sitting in the audience was the star of Amanda’s first big film, Mean Girls – Lindsay Lohan! Outfitted in a pantsuit to hide her alcohol monitoring SCRAM I had to wonder: Shouldn’t SHE be the one with Amanda’s career?

Lindsay’s performance in Mean Girls launched her as one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood, while Amanda was a somewhat minor character, dwarfed by bigger stars including Rachel McAdams and Tina Fey. A mere six years later, she is now the biggest star of the group and perched to become one of Hollywood’s biggest leading ladies.

We decided to break it down and see where it all went right for Amanda… and went so very, very wrong for Lindsay:


  1. Lindsay stars in the summer blockbuster Mean Girls, and gains instant fame hosting Saturday Night Live and the 2004 MTV Movie Awards. She releases her first album Speak in the fall, which debuts at #4 on Billboard.
  2. Amanda co-stars alongside Lindsay in Mean Girls, as well as working on the small, but wildly popular WB series Veronica Mars.


  1. Lindsay pulls in big bucks starring in the flick Herbie: Fully Loaded, which grosses $144 million worldwide. She releases her second album, A Little More Personal, which only reaches #20 on Billboard. She begins to get noticed by the media for her extreme weight loss when photos of her and a very emaciated Nicole Richie surface.
  2. Amanda stars in two highly regarded independent films, Nine Lives and American Gun, while still working on Mars.


  1. Lindsay earns $7 million for Just My Luck, which earns a measly $5.7 million in its opening weekend. She does fare better, however, with roles in two major independent hits: Bobby and A Prairie Home Companion. Rumors of alcohol and drug abuse begin to circulate.
  2. Amanda lands a role as the oldest daughter in the critically acclaimed TV series Big Love while also starring in Sundance sensation Alpha Dog alongside Justin Timberlake.


  1. Lindsay: This is the year it all goes wrong for her. She films Chapter 27 and I Know Who Killed Me, which are both bombs. She’s hospitalized for “dehydration” on the set of Georgia Rules. She’s then charged with DUI on May 26 and again on July 24. Cocaine is found in her car and/or possession in both instances.
  2. Amanda lays low filming Big Love. Probably a smart idea.


  1. Lindsay takes a guest-starring role on the ABC comedy Ugly Betty. She’s unable to accept film roles due to her incredibly high insurance rate.
  2. Amanda stars alongside Meryl Streep in Mamma Mia, one of the highest grossing films of the year. She continues to star on Big Love.


  1. Lindsay snags a lead role… but in the ABC Family original movie Labor Pains. She garners most of her press through her tumultuous relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson.
  2. Amanda finishes her final season on Big Love due to her incredibly crowded film schedule. She stars as a lead in the Diablo Cody-penned Jennifer’s Body and alongside Julianne Moore in Chloe.


  1. Lindsay has a small role in upcoming film Machete. She attends the 2010 MTV Movie Awards in a ridiculous pantsuit to cover the SCRAM bracelet she is now legally required to wear, preventing her from consuming alcohol.
  2. Amanda‘s films Dear John and Letters to Juliet open big, securing her status as one of Hollywood’s leading ladies. She will film Red Riding Hood later this year, as well as A Woman of No Importance, a film Lindsay was once attached to.

Lindsay does have the edge over Amanda in one aspect, though. She managed to snag Amanda’s ex Dominic Cooper… after the two broke up.

-Chris Spargo


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Posted at 12:42 AM on June 11, 2010  

lindsay is a slut.

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Posted at 11:22 PM on June 10, 2010  

haha yeah she’s the biggest success out of mean girls lol. tina fey’s won what now 3-4 emmy’s for whats considered one of (if not) the top comedies on tv. Where as amanda has won what again? oh yeah an mtv movie award for jennifer’s body, easily one of the biggest flops of the year. Oh and she’s been a huge hit in dear john and letters to juliet and mama mia.. All 3 of which she plays the role of the love struck girl who cant be with the man she loves.. Now that is some range there! lol she’s a one trick pony at best and once all her “fans” get out of puberty her career will be gone.

Although she does have the edge over the writer of the column.. she at least has some kind of clue about what she’s talking about.

Seriously chris spargo, it might be time to look into a new line of work as you have no grasp on this one.

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Posted at 12:44 AM on June 11, 2010  

i take back what i said about her. sorry lindsay blamng thins on you when i had the crush on you, and for calling you a slut.

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Posted at 12:22 AM on June 10, 2010  

Who wrote this article? How naive is this?

why not mention Lindsay role alongside Meryl Streep in Prarie Home companion or Bobby(Golden Globe and SAG nomination) with Antony Hopkin ,Elijah Wood.

lot of wrong movies info on Labor Pains(not ABC original and score theatrical release date oversee) and Machete (ensemble role) everyone share the same screen time
confirmed by screener audience.

i understand you want to compare them but nobody win here
Amanda is up and coming actress but that’s where its end Rachel work with great actor but her role as damsel in distress is getting old and Lindsay working with Robert De Niro and Quentin Tarantino in Machete that’s impressive but all 3 of them still on the same page in Hollywood world no one can guarantee open big movie like men do

it’s a men world after all

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Posted at 8:02 PM on June 9, 2010  

I don’t think it’s such a big deal that she snagged Amanda’s ex. He’s not that all! I think Amanda should return to his hot exes either with Emile Hirsch or Jesse Marchant!

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Posted at 8:00 PM on June 9, 2010  

you forgot Amanda’s biggest movie hit Mamma Mia! which earned aprrox. $600M worldwide! That was 2008 I think.. She also starred in an independent film called Boogie Woogie starring with big actos such as Alan Cumming, Danny Huston, Stellan Skarsgard, Christopher Lee, Gillian Anderson, etc.

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Uncle Gibby

Posted at 9:34 PM on June 8, 2010  

I am very happy for Amanda’s success and extremely disappointed by Lindsey’s
downturn. However, Amanda has yet to reach the status of Rachel McAdams.To say that Amanda is the most successful of the “Mean Girls” cast is just wrong. Amanda today is where Rachel was in 2005. Rachel took some time off in 2006-07 to make some indies and learn her chosen craft. She came back with a vengeance in 2009 with 3 big films. “Morning Glory” is going to be a big hit later this year and she is on tap for some pretty impressive projects for 2011. I think
Rachel has handled her career/success as good as anybody out there. I hope Amanda has continued success and Lindsay gets her career back on track but right now Rachel is the “Queen Bee”.

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Posted at 6:43 AM on June 11, 2010  

I agree, Uncle Gibby. Amanda has had a great couple of years. Her career may overtake Rachel’s, but I say that it’s very premature to say that it already has. Spargo doesn’t seem to be paying attention to Rachel’s career.

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