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Ali — 'Rated R' Justin Is On 'The Bachelorette' For The Wrong Reasons! Fans Say: DROP HIM NOW!

Tue, June 8, 2010 12:20pm EDT by 1 Comment
Courtesy of ABC (2)

Courtesy of ABC (2)

Ali better watch out! Fans agree — Justin is just on The Bachelorette to further his career!

It’s the same old story every season. ABC picks a guy who they know will bring big drama and big ratings for The Bachelorette — and this season 27-year-old professional wrestler Justin Rego is their man! “He is a good actor,” one fan said on ABC’s Bachelorette fan site. “He just needs to stay in the game to further his career!” So Ali Fedotowsky gave the network just what they wanted — she kept Justin around for another week!

Fans know Justin joined the show just so he could gain more attention, and the fact that he walked over to Ali’s house on the June 7 episode just proved the point even further. “If I didn’t walk away with a rose, I would be shocked,” Justin arrogantly said to the cameras after he crutched over to Ali’s pad. “I’ll do absolutely anything … I’m willing to get a rose from Ali even if it kills me!”

Unfortunately, Ali bought into Justin’s gimmick! “I am so flattered that he did that for me and I really appreciate it,” Ali said of Justin coming to her house. “Justin proved a lot to me this week.  He hopped to my house on crutches and that meant a lot to me.”

And despite the other guys noticing that Justin is “two faced,” Ali doesn’t care: “Just because he’s different from everyone else doesn’t mean he’s not the right guy for me!”

ALI! Why did you give Justin another rose? I think he’s up to no good and that his whole act is FAKE! Drop him NOW before you get stuck with this man for the rest of your life!

BFFs — what do you think of Justin? Is he in it for love, or the love of his career? Vote below!

— Lindsey DiMattina


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